Monday, February 1, 2016

take on Bill de Blasio campaigning in Iowa

I hate how sitting politicians get away with campaigning while they are still holding office because there is just no way that Christie, Kasich, Cruz or Rubio is able to provide the attention that their day jobs require and still run a national campaign.   What bothers me even more is when I see a guy like Bill de Blasio spending time campaigning in Iowa for Hillary Clinton right now..  I'm fine with him spending his weekend doing it, Bloomberg spent every weekend in Bermuda, but when I turn on CNN today and see him still going door-to-door, it starts to reek.. 
I know politics is all about scratching each other's backs but you'd think NYC has enough issues that de Blasio know.. be at work..

My guess is that he'll be back tomorrow, so it's probably only a day or so but still I'd like to know who paid for the flight, the hotels etc.

but the better part of this story was that the Clinton campaign actually rejected the offer for de Blasio to come down and campaign as a surrogate but he came anyway and is just knocking on doors... the problem is that with numerous interview's people in Iowa had no idea who this turd was anyway..

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Baby Stu said...

Perhaps they know him as Warren Wilhelm II.