Saturday, February 20, 2016

Take on the Trump victory

It took till about 7:30 but finally all the major news organizations called the South Carolina primary for one Donald J Trump. I can't say I'm shocked because every poll has called this for weeks but still I'm surprised that there are states in this country where 30% plus of republicans would vote for this maniac. Then again, the thought of a Cruz victory is even scarier, so I guess we should be happy but that is like rooting for Assad over ISIS.
Rubio in a solid third should boot out Jeb! which will be a bit sad because he did offer some entertainment even if he didn't actually bring the entertainment himself and was just a punching bag for Trump

So now we wonder, the Trump supporters will probably rally around Rubio which after getting atomic wedgied by Trump for six months has to be the ultimate indignity.

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