Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Take on only the best people

George Papadapolous has gone from a guy nobody (other than Seth Abramson) had ever heard of to a guy who everybody has heard of to a guy Trump claims to have barely heard of in about a two day period
I don't know much about the insights into situations like this but I do know that when a campaign announces that a 29 year old kid with no experience will serve as a member of a national security advisory team, that kid better have been born on February 29th.
Did Trump know he was trying to get a meeting with Putin, who the hell knows but there were plenty in the campaign orbit who did and now it's time for those chickens to come home to roost

Papadapolous flipped, Flynn likely flipped, Manafort has been indictees, Page is as crazy as ever, Bannon is living in a bunker, Kushner is solving the Middle East issue over a latte and Roger Stone is from perma-banned from Twitter. Somehow the Mooch got out just in time.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Take on Kevin Spacey

lost in today's wonderful Goodfellas ending is this Kevin Spacey story

Spacey, like most of powerful Hollywood apparently, has been sexually harassing anybody in their orbit but unlike the rest of them, Spacey tried to blame it all on a drunken stupor and then used the opportunity to reveal the biggest open secret in Hollywood.    Spacey is a private person and is only coming out now because he's trying to cover up for something that is actually a scandal.  

This entire thing is sickening, mostly because Spacey took no real responsibility for his act, tried to cover it up with a booze story and then tried to change the dialogue by using this platform to try to get sympathy by coming out.  Oh by the way, Anthony Rapp was 14 at the time.. 
- I hated his  'I chose to live myself as a gay man' this isn't helpful.
- the fact that he's gay and or drunk is no excuse for making an unwanted pass at somebody below him
- the fact that he's gay and or drunk is no excuse for him making a pass at a minor

screw Kevin Spacey and his house of cards

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Take on the golfer in chief

As Donald Trump left the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia this Sunday, we wonder how may good golf weekends he has left. The weather should be getting colder although with this climate who the heck knows anymore. I'd feel bad for Trump but this won't mean the end of his golf season, it'll just mean he moves it down about 1000 miles to Mar-a-Lago. This will certainly impact him as it will mean less time with his wife and kid who are just adjusting to DC and will also mean that we're likely to get some more military plans drawn up on napkins in front of the help.
But maybe Mueller can move fast and go right for the jugular and allow Trump to go back to playing golf without all the stress of a nuclear catastrophe.

By the way, if tomorrow's indictment reveals it's Kushner, I really hope they let Christie prosecute him.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Take on the rumor

So the rumors about who the first to fall will be are all over the place
Many pin it on Flynn, who has been exposed as the one with the most blood on his hands including the photo of him dining with Putin
Manafort has been in the news a lot with secret ledgers and a history of deals with Russia
Carter Page is said to have delivered the message directly from Trump to Putin
Don jr. arranged the meeting with the Russian attorney
Roger Stone is a weasel who nobody would mind seeing fried

But the person who is now most likely to fall is the quiet one. Rumor is that Kushner will be the first to fall, because of his association with Cambridge Analytics. This will be the best one and will irk the president to no end and will mean that Mueller is inches away from the big Tuna.

It's always the quiet one.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Take on the timing of the Mueller news

We've waited for what feels like an eternity but finally the first of many shoes is going to drop. The first charges were filed by Robert Mueller and now the question is who is the first one to go down

Page, Flynn, Manafort, Papadapolous, Don Jr

Please god let it be Don jr.

But I guess we now know why Trump wanted to make sure the JFK stuff was released today.

take on the frozen iphone

Last night, as I was sitting guard outside my daughter's room to protect her against monsters and zombies, I had the most unfortunate thing happened to me.   My IPhone froze up.   I'm sitting in the dark with a busted IPhone and it was maddening.  

Maddening because there was nothing I could do.   When I pressed the side button and the home button it would eventually get to the screen where you had to swipe to power down the phone, but the screen wouldn't allow for the powder down.   So I was stuck, staring at a blank screen for hours

The only thing that worked was Siri, which allowed me to get my text messages dictated to me but nothing else.  
Without a hard reset option like taking the battery out, I was stuck with the unthinkable.   Let me iphone battery die for a reset, the issue was that the phone still had 20% battery and without any use, draining it was painful

It took 12 hours to finally die and rebooted thirty seconds later.


Sorry for the lack of TOR yesterday, without a phone it was near impossible, we'll make this a Friday Double...  so Trump isn't safe yet

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Take on the standing ovation for Trump

I'm not sure if your heard but Trump got a standing ovation from the GOP leadership in some closed session of unity. He only tweeeted about it half a dozen time, nothing about specifics but just that the GOP lathered him with praise, we'll except for Flake, Corker, McCain and I guess maybe Graham. But the rest of those guys just love them some Donald J Trump. Well Cruz and Rubio both have have a bit of a hard history with El Trumpio and Mitch "his Bitch" McConnell is a bit of a wild card towards the all in for Trump thing unless he likes the role of whipping boy, which he might.
Then there is Ben Sasse who might not be a total spineless weasel. The Murkowski and Collins duo have had their wars with Trump, too as hey vote against the repeal thing. And then you have Rand who hates everybody and everybody hates him.

Jesus, who actually likes this guy?!?

I'm counting 11 our of 52 who have some bad history but I'm sure they all applauded loudly for him during their standing O

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Take on Tom Perez

I often wonder what the qualifications for DNC chair are supposed to be and have figured out that you basically need a pulse -and not a very good one-, a weird set of vocal cords and the ability to be bought off and be completely corrupt. It's no surprise that they never seem to have trouble filling the position

There is no more tone deaf moron than Tom Perez who went out of his way to beat Jeff Flake on his retirement. This is he same Jeff Flake who committed political suicide by going after and breaking down the mighty Trump piece by piece on the senate floor today. This is the guy who is on your side when it comes to trying to make sure this is a one term president.

But no, Tom Perez decided to not follow logic but instead to follow the president's lead and pile on Flake. Forget if he believes that Flake is right or wrong, if there was ever a day to praise Flake, it was today.

But god forbid these idiot Democrats get out of their own way

Monday, October 23, 2017

Take on Huck’s math

Big Huck made a big announcement today that the average American would see a $4000 increase on average under Trump's new tax law. She implied that each family would be getting a check but since 80% of the cuts would come from the top, it basically means that most people will see no increase at all.

As half the world pointed out, that isn't exactly how statistics work. If Trump gets a Ten Million Dollar tax cut and 24,999 get no tax cut, the total tax cut would be $10,000,000 which divided by the 25,000 people would be $4000. This is great news for those 25,000 people, right? Time to all put that $4k in our kid's 529 funds or put more into our 401Ks or more likely buy four new IPhone X's. I hope they take TrumpCash over at Apple.

Oh America is already so great, this is just going to make it greater

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Take on the 46%

Trump tweeted today that 46% of people believe major national news organizations fabricate stories about him which only tells me that 46% of the people in this country have lost all credibility. This is a country who needs their media to make sure our governmental branches are doing what they should be and keeping tabs on them, yet or president has worked to destroy them and our citizens seem to buy it. Trump has single handedly destroyed their credibility not because of falsehoods they've reported but because his followers are absolute sheep
Hey Donald, they don't need to make up stories about you, you create them yourselves with your gigantic ego, your lack of compassion, your inability to tell the truth, your complete drain of good will and your adolescent moral compass

You suck, your supporters are brainwashed lambs and our country and fellow citizens have never disappointed me more than this last year.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Take on Scrotum Face vs The Spin Zone

Tucker Carlson spent a week lambasting Hollywood for covering up for Hurricane Harvey Weinstein. This is a solid point if kept in this context but an odd one to make for a guy who draws his paycheck from one Rupert Murdock. This is the same Murdock who signed Big Bill O'Reilly to a huge new contract despite 5 sexual harassment cases having been paid out to be kept quiet. I'm not where the spin stops but it seems to be rolling around Tucker's five hole right now and Big Bill is about to take an unwanted pass.

But keep on nailing Scrotum Face Weinstein, every liberal I know hopes the guy fries while very conservative I know hopes O'Reilly rises from the deaf to take pack his throne

Friday, October 20, 2017

Take on Trump Headquarters

Maybe I accidentally bought a red hat, maybe it's just that I follow him on twitter but somehow Team Trump has my email address and now I'm getting bombarded with junk mail.
Today I got one from Trump Headquarters which I can only imagine is located somewhere in Moscow, asking me to donate $3 to have a chance at dinner with Trump, presumably at a Trump facility
As much as I'd love to have an over cooked steak with an undercooked human, I'm going to pass if for no reason that I don't need my $3 going to the Trump Russian defense fund.

Good luck with winning this one Ted Cruz

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Take on Trump’s Take

Everybody tries to figure out what is wrong with Trump but the easiest answer is that he is...Trump

When Trump goes off script, he tends to exaggerate, inflate, extrapolate, felate and conflate the truth and it always gets him in trouble. His "shoot from the hip" works in business meetings and social settings because it's weirdly charming. As POTUS it's not charming, it's dangerous

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Take on Trump’s “he knew what he signed up for” comment

Another day, another Trumpism

Trump supposedly told a grieving widow that the soldier "knew what he signed up for" and the world became outraged.
Then Trump - like he usually does- went after the world saying that he had proof that he didn't say that which makes this a classic game of He Said-She Said with the "He" being a pathological liar. There is nobody in the world who believes Trump and nobody expects him to show his "proof"

But here's where I am with it. Trump was likely not trying to be callous or mean, he's just a tone deaf moron who doesn't understand nuance. He tried to do the right thing -even if it was a week late- but in a way that only he can mess it up. This is the same guy who on 9-11 noted that he now had the biggest building in NYC. It might be a fact but it's not something you say. He is so self absorbed and has gotten away with saying the most ridiculous and often times heinous things for so long, that he has no concept of self awareness.
Great quality for a leader.

Good job America

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Take on the Mooch

I love the Mooch but his ScaramucciPost went just a little too far today and by little too far I mean he flew out to Mars and took a dump
I wasn't surprised that he later sent around an explanation that his " how many Jews were really killed in the Holocaust" post wasn't sanctioned by him but posted by an over exuberant intern. I believe this about as much as I believe anything the Mooch says.

 I meant to vote but got distracted wanting to throw my phone into the nearest pot of spaghetti

Monday, October 16, 2017

Take on the Clinton loophole

I hate Trump with the intensity of a thousand horny goats and would have loved to have seen him beaten by Hillary. I'm hoping they impeach him or blow the dust off of the 25th amendment but even I have no interest in seeing Hillary take the helm. Lawrence Lessig laid out a plan to how Clinton could somehow end up in the Oval Office and my only thought is, please don't

She deserves it because the election was likely stolen from her, but really at this point, we need her to just go away. I think we're all Clintoned out at this point, we'd be happy to just be done with it all

The Democrats won't have a better candidate for 2020 or at least not one as recognizable but still, she needs to just go away.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Take on Larry Flynt

I kind of assumed Larry Flynt was dead but instead he seems to be alive and kicking and looking to impeach Trump. I don't agree with anything this guy does and find him a repulsive Harvey Weinstein esque monster but he finally did something noteworthy and at least he's putting his money where his mouth is in this case.
Although, I got to be honest with you, I would have assumed that Flynt walked around with one of this stupid red hats.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Take on Hurricane Harvey

The Academy threw out Harvey Weinstein today in one of the most chicken shit moves ever. It's not that throwing this disgusting slob out is a bad thing, it's that it took this entire thing to blow up publicity for anybody to do anything about this. From everything you read, his behavior was an open secret in Hollywood yet still they kept calling him, kept taking his movies and kept embracing him.

I'm not sure what is more shocking, the amount of women this guy harassed with virtually no repercussion or the fact that this absolute slob married a woman who is flat out stunning. He has to be one of the more disgusting looking people I have ever seen, he is so obese he has fat growing on his stubble.
How this guy convinced any woman to marry him is a miracle, the fact the one he found is stunning is like finding a four leaf clover...although finding a four leaf clover when it's being watered by millions of dollars is less shocking.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Take on Paulie Manafort

NBC unconcerned surprising news that Paulie Walnuts Manafort has stronger ties to Putin and his Olinarchs than previously known. This is surprising only in that it is not at all surprising, we all know that Manafort is a complete treasonous snake, with no morals or love for his country. But this is what you get when you put your campaign in the hands of a guy who worked as Putin's bitch for a decade, you want Putin's bitch, you better get ready to bend way over for Putin.
But Trump will claim he hardly knew him even if they err neighbors inside Trump Tower.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Take on the difference between HARVEY and Maria

Trump's response to Hurricane Harvey's destruction in Houston and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico really couldn't have been much different. With Texas he promised to have the federal government stay into the bitter end to make sure the city would be restored, recovered and rebuilt. With PR he feels like it's time to bail already with his message of FEMA's time being limited.
That isn't the way this works Mr President, you can't pick which citizens you want to protect and which you want to send out to sea. But then again, this is who he is, he picks favorites and sends everybody down a deep dark hole

I just can't figure out why he would support one group and not the other. It's very perplexing

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Take on the new XFL

Sean Comba is talking about starting a new football league to finally take on the gigantic ass suckers that are the NFL owners. There really is now worse group of people than NFL owners, they can somehow make Trump cabinet members seem down to earth.
Sissy promises harder hits, better pension plans (which they will need with the harder hits) and presumably a no fair-catch rule.
The issue is that we're tried all of this, the USFL, the XFL, the KittyBowl. We tried it all and it all kind of sucks. Watching second rate football players play footsie is about as interesting as BudBowl III.

But good luck Diddy. Now that Biggie is dead you need some source of income

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take on Liddle

English isn't my first language so maybe I'm missing something obvious but when Trump went off on Liddle' Bob Corker, I wasn't sure what he meant. What does Liddle mean? Is it just 'little' misspelled?

I looked it up and apparently Liddle it is a hereditary disease which involving increased activity of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) which causes the kidneys to excrete potassium. That is a pretty sick burn I guess if you are calling the guy a small banana.

Or maybe he was calling him Cory Lidle which is just sad
Or maybe he was referring to the UrbanDictionary definition which talks about mastrubating upside down.

Anyway, Bob Corker please realize guy helped create this monster, good luck getting him back into his cage.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Take on the Pence charade

For a month we have heard people asking athletes to
keep politics out of sports yet yesterday our Vice President flew across the country to interject politics into sports. Everybody saw this entire charade for what it was, which was comforting especially since the Trump White House had a full statement within minutes of Pence's departure. There was also some lame photo that Pence posted which was the same photo he had posted a few years ago hoping nobody would catch it. It was pretty obvious because Pence was wearing a suit to the game and a Colts jersey in the photo and since he was only at the stadium for a grand total of 15 minutes, him using time to change and then change back again seemed more than a little unlikely. The guy is no Axl Rose
Anyway, Pence proves again to be Trump's pathetic little lapdog with no self worth or morals but then again, what do you expect when you sign up to get a first class seat on the Trump Train.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Take on the two part tweet

The Washington Post analyzed the length it took Trump to complete a two part tweet and found it took in excess of 8 minutes which might be the best (or worst) thing about moving to 280 character tweets. It might be his natural instinct as a somebody who cut his teeth in entertainment, to try to keep us in suspense but there is something different between keeping me on the edge of our seat because Monica and Ross are going to kiss and making sure Kim Jong Un doesn't bomb Guam. Maybe having him put it all in one tweet is a good thing because he can spend less time typing with his little fingers and more time playing golf.

But anyway, his suckiness has been well discussed, we just have to hope he doesn't get us all killed. We just keep setting the bar lower and lower

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Take on Trump’s approval ratings

Our president's approval ratings would be solid if they were a batting average but considering they are not, get suck
I think that Trump blames them on his FakeNews nemesis but we all know that he is an absolute psychopath intent on destroying all that is good and fair, at least 68% of us do. I'm so convinced that in a decade there I'll be more people who will claim to have been at Carlton Fisk's homerun game than will admit they voted for this treasonous dope

Friday, October 6, 2017

Take on the end of AIM

Is here anything Trump isn't going to ruin?!? American Online decided to retire it once popular AIM service which is surprising in two ways

- who knew that AOL still had a platform at all.
- did they really have to make an announcement for this, this would have been the perfect "if a tree falls in a forest" experiment

But I guess this is a sad day, and somehow it is probably Trump's fault. AOL was once great and was the gateway to the World Wide Web for many people. I can remember waiting anxiously for the stupid internet to beep and buzz just long enough to give me a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the internet. It has also likely been one of the main contributors for the size of our landfills which are overflowing mainly because of all those crappy CDs they were giving out years ago

Anyway, good night AIM, I'm sure this is just the beginning of the end for AOL and hopefully we can all peacefully forget this dark chapter in our lives.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Take on Sarah Huckabee Sander's horrible eyebrows

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had one of her SNL type
Press conferences where she kept shoving her foot into her mouth like it was a Twinkie. We appreciate anytime she, or anybody else speaking for the administration, shows to be a complete shill for incompetence but today was worse
Somehow she decided to draw on her eyebrows with a sharpie because she looked like a Halloween costume gone all wrong. She is really a horrid human being with no conscience but at minimum she didn't look like my 90 year old grandmother, she has even ruined that now

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Take on the sick seat mate

Is there anything worse than getting onto a flight and the lady next you tells you she's nauseous and will likely throw up? I'm not neurotic but the thought of being in a confined space with somebody likely suffering from Ebola is not my definition of fun.
Then again, she may have just had too much to drink or ate some bad soup but if she coughs my way, I may push her out the emergency exit, you know, for the safety of everybody

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Take on Puerto Rico

Our president is so incredibly tone deaf, it is amazing. Today, while visiting victims in Puerto Rico he told the people that they should be proud that more haven't died. I guess that only 16 people have died is a big thing but not sure it's something to be proud of because there is very little you can actually do They might be lucky, they might be fortunate, they may have avoided bigger tragedy but they are far from something to be proud of because in the end there is little that can be done when the levees break.
Anyway, he's a tone deaf moron who threw paper towels at people which was the best thing he did.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Take on the million dollar trophy

Nothing tells 3.4 million people who have been devastated and their homes destroyed that you are thinking of them like dedicating some crappy golf trophy to them so of-course this is what Trump does. This guy spent the weekend playing golf and fighting with the mayor of San Juan, although fighting makes it sound like it was a two way thing. The mayor was busy trying to rescue her city while standing waist deep in sewage and Trump was eating a well done steak on his crappy golf course.

So, sorry Emanuel. Your house is gone, you family is missing and you won't have electricity for a month but here is a golf trophy dedicated to you. Don't think that you will actually see it or touch it or anything but know it is dedicated to you, sort of.

God he sucks

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Take on ingrates

Nothing unites people like being called a bunch of ingrates by their president. I don't think anybody expected Trump to actually united people, but the disregard he seems to have for (black and brown) lives is astonishing. This is what you get when Trump tries to do anything other than golf and I implore somebody who loves our country to take him on a 3 1/2 year golf excursion which might be our only hope for survival