Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Take on The Poorly Educated

Trump has shoved his foot in his mouth so many times he should be able to kick his own ass which otherwise would derail a campaign but not his. The truth is that nobody seems to give a crap that his foot is in his mouth and there is definitely nobody kicking his ass. But for all the cringeworthy moments of this campaign, yesterday's night victory rally was a nice mix of brutal truth when Trump proudly announced how well he had done with poorly educated and very quickly he exposed the fault lines in the campaign. If you have half a brain and know what the repercussions of a Trump presidency will be you will see Trump as an absolute disaster but if you watch the Kardashians you probably don't quite get it and somehow you have been programmed to think that Kris Jenner and Teresa Giudice might make good senators.

But with that said I'd still take Trump over Cruz, at least his sleaziness is overt

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