Saturday, May 31, 2014

Take on the mugshot

I read about some woman who threatened to shoot up an entire Burger
King over a stale Cinnabon. This seems a bit ridiculous on a ton of
levels including the fact the woman herself looks a bit like a stale
Cinnabon. Actually, most of the time in click on a headline like
this, it is just to see the low life mugshot which is almost always
more entertaining than the actual shot. I mean this chick looks like
a turtle crossed with a donkey, the last thing she needs is a Cinnabon

Secondly, I feel really bad for the Burger King people being that she
wasn't complaining about an undercooked Whopper or Filet of Fish

Friday, May 30, 2014

Take on the funky wiring

When we bought our house we thought it was awesome but a few days into
it we noticed that the light all seem to be funky. We had lights in
the living room which would only come in if the kitchen lights were
on. When using the toaster, the lights would dim and when you went to
the upstairs hallway there was some combination of on/offs that had to
be done to get the lights to turn on and that code proved harder to
crack than the DNA code.
Five hours and $500 later, I got a light bank that works, a huge hole
in my wall and still a couple of funky outlets but at least the lights
don't turn out when I am on the shitter

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Take on the latest porn study

So not only does watching porn cause you to indirectly grow hair on
your palms, there is a new study which suggests it can also be bad for
your brain.
The article ( which was sent to me
by a concerned porn addicted friend said that there seems to be a
correlation between brain activity and amount of porn watched although
it cautioned to say that the decreased brain activity was a
correlation but was not specifically saying anything about causation.

This was a small scale study and very preliminary in terms of results
but I'd take the researchers to task on one thing...when I am watching
my share of porn, I tend to not have a lot of brain activity going on.
I am not thinking of quantum physics, global warming theories or what
I had for lunch that day. Like to see them study me about two hours
afterwards when my head is actually clear.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Take on de ferret ban

Mayor de Blasio's had an interesting few inaugural months including
some good (universal pre-K), some not so good (snow removal), some
Albany dust-ups (charter school), some campaign promises delivered
(housing for people suffering from HIV) and some not delivered (vision
zero) but this week he changed everything. Somehow he was able to
reverse a seemingly century old bad against ferrets.
I can't say I care but do find these things are absolutely disgusting.
I don't know why anybody would want to have a huge river rat living
in their house but I guess they are allowed now.

One more question cause I can't seem to figure out if it is de Blasio
or De Blasio or Di Blasio but I do know that he could stand to lose
about 40 pounds

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Take on the Facebook dinosaur

I haven't been in Facebook in two and a half years but did read today
that in order to woo people like me back into the fold with a mascot.
The company which many people called tells most powerful and
influential in the world has resorted to Barney which should tell you
which way their arrow is pointing.

I said it a long time ago, Facebook is about as cool as the Lifetime channel
which is coincidental because they attract the same audience

Monday, May 26, 2014

Take on the UCSB murdere

I can't believe that we are back at the crossroads with another mass
murder...wait that is not true, I can totally believe it.
I don't know what the answer is but it has to start with mental health
because it is sickening how many times some loner can kick in our
sense of security and we stand there and do nothing. I watched the
press conference of another tearful father crying out for help and I
know it won't make a difference because as a country we have accepted
these massacres as a part of life we should accept. Gun lobby is too
strong, mental health care too weak and young men too prone for this.

Something should be done but we all know there won't be.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Take on the 3am coffee

There are only a few places in this works where I think a pot of
coffee should always be ready: flight control towers, military
operations and hospitals. I have never been in either of the first
places but having been in a few hospitals, it is shocking that you
can't find a cup of coffee anywhere. Yeah, if you make it to the gift
shop on the ground floor you can get a caffeine kick and the cafeteria
offers it but omit when they are open. But at 3am when you need to be
awake and are dead tired, there is no coffee anywhere.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Take on the Greenwich parking sign

Can somebody explain to me how to make sense of this sign?
Last week while driving through Greenwich, I came across a sign which
stated there was 12 hour parking allowed and later in the same sign
said it was enforced from 9am and 5pm. Now my math skills aren't as
great as they we're pre baby#3 but there are only eight hours of
enforcement for this, so you could leave your Winnebago parked there
for eternity because if a 12 hour parking limit is only enforced for
an 8 hour stretch daily, you can't ever get a ticket.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Take on the AAA affiliate

I've always wondered if having The Broadway Dance Company and Private
Eyes as neighbors on 45th street between 8th and 9th avenues were set
up to have the equivalent of the Columbus Clippers around the corner
from the big club. I have to think there have been more than a few
ladies who have cut their teeth at on the stage with the lights.
The best thing about they block is that around 5:45, the place is
swarming with hotness.
One of the best games to play is guess which door she'll walk into
when you see a chick wearing tights, a belly shirt and their hair
teased up with rock hard body. The only way you can tell is to guess
which one is going to walk into the left door or the right door is
whether she has fake lashes and makeup

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Take on the Bank of America fees

After over 20 years with Bank of America, I finally grabbed by sack
and closed the account. I opened my account when I was in High School
and the bank was called Natwest before it was bought by Fleet before
being gobbled alive by the BoA behemoth. All the while they got less
customer service oriented and I became less and less important to
I closed my account mainly because I stopped using it as my main
account but the straw that broke the camels back was that they have
been charging me $14 a month as some kind of bullshit maintenance fee
for not having enough money in my checking account. So not only do
they keep my money without paying me any interest, they want to hit me
up for an additional fee. I am paying them to hold my money and that
is ludicrous. With a bank at every corner, there is no point to
getting banged in the ass by a big bank, so I walked out.

So FU BoA and your fees. FB you are next

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Take on the van

There are so many things that are miserable about being the guy who
drives a minivan but nothing is worse than pulling up to a gas station
and dropping nearly $60 to fill up. I pull up today and dropped my
jaw when the dude told me that my kid's college education was just
sent down a pipe.
So not only do I have to deal with the indignity of driving a minivan
but now also have to pay 11 dirty-gyros worth of paycheck to fill the sucker up...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Take on 46th and 8th

Nowhere is construction a bigger pain in the ass than in NYC.

Take the case of the corner of 46th and 8th, they
have been building this new building on this corner for what seems like a decade.

Forget the impact the new tenants will or will not have for the neighborhood, the impact
this stupid building has had on the traffic has been ridiculous.
They can't build these things without basically planting their asses
and rigs right in the middle of 46th street and it forces a backup all
the way to the West Side Highway. So they inconvenience the entire
midtown population so that some developer can get rich...
I am sure by the time they open up, they will be happy to invite us all in to use their crappers

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Take on the smartphone usage

Sometimes you read something that should surprise you but somehow
doesn't at all. I read some 'fact' that said that 9% of people admit
to using their smartphones while having sex. I guess there are people
who are having so much sex they can afford to multitask though it but
for the average married guy with a bunch of kids, I cannot imagine
doing this and I am completely addicted to my IPhone.
But past not wanting to miss out on any part of it, I just can't
imagine somebody's partner being all that pleased when you start
watching a video of a cute cat, checking on Jeter's hit total or
bidding on a Righetti Bag of Crap.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Take on the Flash Flood Warning

Last night at about 9:25pm, I was shocked when my phone started
buzzing like somebody had set off a fire alarm. I was driving so when
I finally got to a light, I saw it was some emergency alert for flood
warnings in "this area". Since it is so unspecific, you don't know
whether to be worried or not.

Before Snowden I may have asked how in hell anybody would know where I
am right now but that kind of innocence is long gone. I know of at
least two others who got the same message, one of whom was nowhere
near is house and also nowhere near me, so the real question is...did
be entire metropolitan area get bombarded with this, was it only
people with area codes like 917, 201, 718, 516 etc or was it sent to
people who were in the immediate vicinity?

For example, did a tourist from Indiana staying in midtown with his
260 area code get a beep?
Did a guy originally from Long Island now living in Houston get beeped
because he never got himself a new number?
How far out were these things sent?
How the hell do I get onto the do-not call list for this thing?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Take on the $24 entrance fee for the 9/11 museum

This week the 9/11 memorial museum finally opened and the world (or at least some dignitaries) got to explore through a place we've heard about for almost 13 years.  It sounds like it's tastefully done, well received and a wonderful commemoration for those lost (even if they moved a bunch of unidentified human remains in the process)
What bothers us is that with all the billions of dollars raised by various 9/11 charities, they are still banging you for nearly $25 to walk through the doors.  I get when their are charities like the cancer, Autism, domestic abuse ones where your donation should be going to really helping people or funding research but in this case the money raised should have gone toward things like the museum.  If the goal is to make sure people 'never forget' why make it a small fortune to visit the dedicated museum? 

Nobody would think to charge to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  The Holocaust museum does not charge money, so why should the 9/11 museum come across like a bunch of capitalistic Scrooges?

I'd accept a small fee for maintenance or a recommended donation but to hit up a family of four for $100 seems ludicrous

I wonder how much they charge for a soda in a commemorative cup. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Take on Macy*s furniture

A few months ago I had the displeasure of going couch shopping. It's
not just that I hate shopping but shopping for furniture is
particularly terrible. You are buying an item which will serve as a
centerpiece for your living room and one you'll hopefully have for a
decade. And by the way it's going to cost a fortune and oh and there
is no way to do this reliably online

We went to Huffman Koos, Raymore and Flannigan, Bob's discount and any
one of ten different Italian leather dealers on the local highway and
yet finding a couch which looked decent and didn't feel like you were
sitting on a bean bag or stone steps seemed impossible.
We finally found one that served most of our needs (light brown
leather, low back, modern style, small profile etc.) but were told by
the Huffman Koos guy that we'd be looking at a six month delivery.
This sounds great if you are planning a trip around the world but for
somebody who needed a place to park my ass tonight, it just didn't
We found a similar, albeit not as perfect a couch at Macy's a few days
later and when the told us it had a 10 week delivery it felt like we
were stuck in an endless loop. I spoke with a few people and most
agreed that furniture from a place other than Ikea would take that
long to be delivered..and I should expect delays

I spoke with the sales guy at length and he assured me up and down
that the 10 week lead time was realistic. He said he sold hundreds of
these couches and the delivery date was always met

Fast forward 5 weeks. I get an automated call saying delivery had
been pushed back by a month, so our 10 weeks all of a sudden turned
into 14 weeks. I'm annoyed but with little desire to go out shopping
again, I eat it.

Fast forward another 5 weeks and another automated call comes in
saying that on-top of the first month flea they were pushing it back
another six weeks. On the day I was suppose to get delivery I was
told to expect it in 10 weeks which was the same timeline they have me
when I showed up 10 weeks earlier. So in two and a half months, I am
back at square one.

I called and complained to the Indian call center girl who read
directly off of a script about how bad and personally felt and said
"if I could deliver the couch myself, I would do it today" fifteen
different times as if she was caught in a script loop.
She offered me a $100 gift card which for a delay of $800 worth of
luggage might have been acceptable but when talking about a nearly
$4000 couch is like throwing in a free cup holder on a Lexus

F you Macy*s, your crappy delivery, your Indian call center, your
cheap suit wearing sales-staff and that stupid * in your name

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Take on MadMen's Michael Scott

We've been huge fans of MadMen since catching season 1 on DVD right
before season 2 was about to start but this season 7 has really
started to be the suck. It's not just that the characters have all
sort of okayed out their arc and usefulness, it's that a show which
was smart, funny and weirdly timeless has become a basic sitcom.

Long gone are the compelling story lines, the clever and well timed
1960's references and maybe most importantly the captivating
characters. They've taken our characters around the world and back
and can only think to do it all over again (sort of like Don's trips
to California). We had compelling storyline a of changing times now
we have a computer, we had Roger Sterling at his best and now we get
Ginsberg, we had Don Draper advertising extraordinaire now we get Lou

Lou Avery is the guy who took over Don's seat both literally and
figuratively in the corner office and has turned into Matthew Weiner's
little Oliver moment. They have run out of ideas, probably have a
huge payroll of actors to pay and instead of going all in they give us
a guy whose entire character and storyline is like a long clip out of
a bad sitcom.

Between the wacky side story of the comic book, the two guys getting
caught talking crap about it while he was taking a crap, his
anti-hippy rant on patriotism and of course his over the top
managerial style, the entire show is now just the Office set in 1969.
They have the crazy ensemble with all the quack-quack wacky
misunderstandings and intertwined story lines

Peggy is the lovable loser Pam

Ginsberg can be the crazy Dwight

The sarcastic guy with the beard can be Jim

He little nerdy guy in SC&P creative lounge can be that doofy guy Toby

Cooper can be the fat guy in accounting

Harry Crane can be the little Spanish guy who is so misunderstood

Joan can play Jan

Ted Chaough can be that dude David Wallace from corporate

Angela can be Jim Cutler

and of course...

Taking over for Michael Scott is Lou from 1968. He draws wacky
cartoons, makes his underlings do outrageous things, dresses like Mr.
Rogers and then catches them in hokey situations. His managerial
style is 1960's, his heart is 1950's, his getup is 1940's but he's all
man..oh and he might be a computer turned homo

If it walks like a duck

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take on the selfie

When I heard that Joe Biden started posting selfies I knew the entire
phenomenon was doomed. The way I see it when Rachel Rae, Ellen and
Joe Biden start doing something, it has lost all sense of cool and
should be grounds for divorce. Well not only has it been proven to be
lame, the American Psychiatric Association has actually classified it
as a mental disorder with an official name (Selfitis) and an entire
spectrum although so far no treatment. So not only has it become not
cool, it now also can classify you as a mental patient for doing it.
The entire thing has to do with low self esteem and having see
somebody near and dear to me take fifty pictures to be able to post a
single one to facechat, I can see the issues.

The spectrum goes like this

Borderline Selfitis. Taking three selfies per day but not necessarily
posting them to social media.

Acute Selfitis. Taking three selfies and posting them to social media

Chronic a Selfitis. Taking upwards of six selfies per day and posting
them to social media.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Take on the dude kissing the other dude

When I saw the ratings for the first day of the draft when you combine
the ESPN and the NFL network was an 8.5 rating. The NHL playoffs
routinely get a 1 rating, the NBA is in the mid 3's and even be World
Series doesn't approach this number. The Combine a few weeks ago
moves the needle, ESPN covers it and the NFL Network covers it live.
It's hours of men measuring the size of the legs, arms, hands and head
of other sweaty men and then watching them run an obstacle course in
skin-tight -clothing. Between the combine, the Pro Days and then the
individual workouts, it's like watching three months of Hunkamania and
we as a nation love it. It all culminates in the hunks being
auctioned off and we treat the event like it's the last episode of
Mash ..yet when a man kisses anther man, twitter blows up

Oh well

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Take on the justifiable murder

I believe in justifiable crimes. Maybe that breaks my no-nonsense, no
alibi, no breaks approach but sometimes I feel like the crime is so
justifiable, they should award the criminal a medal. Take the case of
a woman who doused her daughter's rapist in lighter fluid and lit him
on fire. This woman is just about to start a prison term but TOR
believes that she should be granted a medal of freedom instead of five
and a half years
The rapist came up to the woman after he has served his time and asked
how her daughter was doing which set her off to burn him alive and
honestly, I don't see a damned thing wrong with that as I would do the
exact same if ever confronted with the same scenario

Here is to hoping the woman is treated like a queen in prison

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Take on the IT guy with the @aol address

I was on the phone with somebody the other day as we tried to figure
out the reason they had not received my email. We sent a few test
messages but our two servers just couldn't connect. Finally she
asked that I send the return message to their IT guy's personal email

She started reading off the address which was some weird collection of
numbers and letters and finished it with "".

So you tell me that the guy who is going to fix this multinational's
email problems still uses an aol address? No wonder I keep getting
funny forwards from them

Friday, May 9, 2014

Take on the Dutch

What the hell is wrong with Dutch people? Not only do they not have
hot water in their bathroom sinks, terrible haircuts and a complete
disregard for common courtesy, they also dress like absolute sh!t.
Just today I walk past a guy wearing salmon pants, loafers and a
blazer. This dude walked around NYC all day looking like he wasn't
wearing pants..on purpose. This is a grown man dressed like a 60
year old woman. Now I can't be sure he's Dutch...but come on...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take on Jared

I walked into Subway today and noticed the new Jared ad. Like most
recent ads featuring the former fat guy, they have him shot in such a
way that you can't exactly tell that he's been ordering the bacon ham
and bacon footlongs with extra mayo instead of the six inch veggie

They have conspicuously started having Jared sit on stools of have
half of his body shielded by the new promotion but there is one thing
for sure, this dude is on his way all the way back. There is nothing
wrong with that per se, but if your entire advertisement campaign is
based around a fat guy who got skinny, it might be time to get a new
fat guy

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

take on the $89 hoodie

two weeks ago I saw an article on proclaiming they had found the perfect hoodie.    As a guy who tries to stay pretty casual, I was intrigued but the article was pretty convincing, saying that the American Giant hoodie.   Between the reviews, the pictures and the Made in the USA sticker, I swallowed hard, blew the cobwebs off of the old wallet and ordered one.

I got it in the mail a few days ago and I got to say that it is by far the nicest quality sweatshirt in my closet (not saying much, I'm sure).   It is also by far one of the most expensive piece of clothing I've bought (again not saying much) other than a few suits.   I do have a NorthFace zip-up (no hood) which was probably $60 and it's a complete go-to for me which has held up incredibly well but it's a much lighter piece than this, so they could be complimentary..  

here is my official review
I'm 6'2" 185lbs and went with the large which seems to fit comfortably, I am sure I could get away with medium but am afraid the sleeves may not be long enough and I can get up to 195 pounds when i am not working out or stressed, so wanted something that was versatile in that way. It's form fitting without being too tight, so it's comfortable. 
Where this thing really shines is that most other sweatshirts, especially sports team ones, look like you are wearing a giant garbage bag, which is fine when you are tailgating but looking like you are 30 pounds heavier is not exactly what anybody needs.  The fact that this casual jacket doesn't look like you should spill ketchup all over it is another positive..
The construction is grade A, the fit is great, the color (burnt orange) is very nice. What you notice immediately is that it's all cotton, it doesn't have that polyester synthetic feel. 
My only gripe would have -and it's minor- is that the way they have it cut, the pockets are maybe a bit higher than you'd want ideally and they aren't very deep. I don't typically keep my hands in my pockets and keeping a bunch of crap in them will probably take away from the form fitting look, I just don't know where to shove my newspapers..  
I travel a lot for work and can totally see this become the jacket I take with me on planes and through airports. 
Overall, it's a great light jacket, exceptional quality,

now realize that I spent nearly $100 on a zip-up jacket and I am ready to kill myself

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Take on the Donald Sterling Clippers sale

Donald Sterling is a reprehensible piece of garbage. He's an outed
racist and a man who has no regards for human dignity but still I
wonder if forcing anybody to sell their company is right. I get why
the NBA wants him out, I get the financial costs of keeping him in and
I get the message it sends but after chewing on it for a week, I don't
know if it is right.
First of all I am sure he is far from the only racist in American
Sports, let alone the NBA. He's a wacky old coot and he's compared
running an NBA franchise to a plantation but I'm sure there are a
bunch of other guys who see it similarly. But more importantly, in a
country which defends be right to free speech with it's very first and
most important amendment, how can we force somebody to drop out of an
entire industry because of words he spoke in private to somebody else.

I can see the suspension because he embarrassed be league but I can't
quite justify forcing somebody to sell their business because you
don't like their views. The other 29 owners will vote on it and I'd
be shocked if it wasn't unanimous because any owner that voted against
it would become Suzyn Waldman to Sterling's Sterling. Even if they
said if would be a private vote, the fear of it being leaked would be
so great that it would still be unanimous. But if they could vote
completely in secret, I bet it would be far from unanimous.

The truth of if is, there are no grounds in US law which make this an
event that warrants that degree even if the words are awful.

Is what he said despicable?...yes
Is it criminal? definitely not.

The again the old geezer will sell his team for a billion dollars
after have paid about $15 million for it, not a bad rate of return.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Take on the broken escalator

What the hell is it about a non working escalator which makes it so
miserable? In essence it is just a big stairwell but somehow
psychologically it is the most daunting set of stairs ever. It could
be the fact that those metal steps have no give or that there is no
banister or maybe it is because the actual step is slightly higher
than standard but when I see a non working escalator I feel like I'm
asked to do the corporate challenge

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Take on the missing post

I just checked TOR and noticed a great post about the lameness of selfies which we posted on Sunday never published.   So we are putting this post in it's place because we cannot find it anywhere, even the notepad where it was stored has wiped it out

This reminds me, the fact they still haven't found this plane might mean that they are really looking in the wrong place.  At this point, would anybody be shocked if this wasn't a big media concoction like the moon landing.  Shoot, CNN has basically come back from the dead on this story alone because when it comes to missing planes, the American public will just eat up anything you throw at them.  Larry King made a good point when he was asked to comment on his former network's coverage.  He basically said that the only thing we know is that this plane took off and made a turn and that is it, we don't know anything else, yet that network has experts upon experts on with absolutely no new information and in the process have ignored a ton of other stories with -perhaps- a much greatest human toll including mud slides, ferries and the kidnapping of an entire Nigerian village of girls.
next time we need one of loyal readers lets us know if you don't see a new post (I'm looking at you R.Lee)

sent from your IPhone

What I will say is that publishing on an IPhone is a bit tedious

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Take on Roy Hibbert

Earlier today I got the following message

Remember that Pacers meltdown you TOR'd about?  Well there are whispers about a Lebron James - Delonte West type situation.  This comes from my UPS guy.  Now do a little googling and check out Roy Hibbert's production.  He's an uber stud Center.  He scored zero points the other night and barely played.  About a week ago, Pacers brass (Larry Bird, Donnie Walsh, etc) took him out to dinner.  Why?  Perhaps they were trying to smooth things over?  Perhaps they were checking to see if his mom was still available?  
Get on this. 

I remember the Lebron-Delonte West thing pretty well.  Basically Delonte West who was some B player on the Cavs was making up for his lack of production on the court by getting extra productive with Lebron's mom. An NBA player, making millions, with chicks probably begging to bang them decided that the piece of ass he was gonna tap, was that of a 45 year old chick who happened to be the mom of the star player.   When this came our, Lebron started to kind of suck and everybody in Cleveland knew they had to out a stop to it.  David Stern probably stepped in personally to make sure this was taken care of permanently. After some behind the scenes dealings, Delonte West was shunned to the D-League or the European League or something where he probably continued his quests of Ricky Rubio's mom, Toni Kukoc's mom and Tony Parker's stinky mom. 
But now, if the UPS man is to be believed there might be a similar situation going on with Roy Hibbert who just last year seemed like he was on the verge of breaking out as the next big star at the center position.  Everything was lined up for him but somehow during this season he went from the next big thing to the next big bust.   So if I am reading between the lines, the reason have't are going to fire Frank Vogel is because he has been banging Hibbert's mom and he's sulking and thus sucking because of it. 

This entire collapse is thus not on the coaches inability to draw up an effective game-plan but instead because the game plan he drew up to get into the pants of some chick who probably looks like Grandma-Ma and Larry Bird knows that a guy who  can't keep their little birdie's out of the big man's mom's cage is walking dead 

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Friday, May 2, 2014

take on the fake ass

there are not a lot of times I felt more cheated than this morning when it was reported that the ass we were introduced to during the Royal Wedding a few years ago was a fraud..  Some guy who knows royal fashion has told the French TMZ that he is certain that Pippa Middleton sported a fake ass at the wedding..

Not only was that one of the most glorious assess I've ever seen but it brought instant fame to the new Duchess of Cambridge's sister that propelled her in front of her royal bride sister on her own wedding day..
but what really confused me is that I'm not exactly sure what a fake ass looks like.  Is it like some gigantic piece of plastic which you put over your own ass or is it more the equivalent of a push-up bra.. Does a dude take her home that night and she takes her ass off and hangs it on the door or does she just keep it on and let the dude grab on to it like he's sitting on a roller-coaster?

either way..I've lost some major respect for her ass.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Take on Rob Ford's latest indiscretion

there really is no greater politician than Rob Ford.. not because of his policies, his resiliency, his defiance, his drug-use or anything else.. he's great because even in the face of overwhelming pressure, he just never gives up.   This week he was caught taking hits from a crack-pipe again.., like Jennifer Lopez's ass in spandex..the guy just can't quit.

It just doesn't matter how much bad press he gets, how many times he gets caught with his pants down, he just continues to defy reason and keeps banging his head against the wall.   at this point would anybody be surprised if he was caught banging hookers, snorting coke off of strippers asses, hitting up glory holes or sleeping on park benches but at this point it only adds to his legacy .  the fact that he can even do a half-way decent job as mayor is a miracle onto itself.. this guy is a walking, talking Chris Farley.. 

I'm calling the Over/Under before he drops dead at 2 years.. who wants to take that action?