Friday, February 12, 2016

Take on the NY Waterway scam

I take the NY Waterway ferry a few times per month when I need to head to where my parents live. The ferry terminal is all the way on the west side highway, so getting there from midtown is a total hike and I'm always huffing and puffing by the time I get there. The issue is that you have to have a ticket before boarding at one of those ATM machines which always take forever.

A few weeks ago trying to be prepared for the next time I bought two tickets when I got there, one to use that night and a second to have in my pocket in case I was running late a few weeks later but little did I know that these things expire. I took this ferry regularly years ago but I am certain this expiration thing is new

Today, getting onto the ferry, I had my ticket rejected I have no idea why they would expire and of course nobody at NY waterways could give you any explanation either.

Righetti Why would this expire, I paid $10.25 for this ticket just a few weeks ago?

NY waterways employee. Why not?

Righetti. Because it doesn't make any sense. My bus tickets don't expire.

NY waterways employee. Well milk does

Righetti. That makes no sense, milk spoils. this ticket is exactly the same as if I bought it. The price is the same, I didn't get a discount

NY waterways. It says so on the ticket

Righetti. But how would I have know that before I bought the ticket. There is no sign

NY waterways. Well that is the rule

Righetti. So how do you justify this?

NY Waterways. Yes I understand

Righetti. You understand what? Why am I being screwed out of a perfectly good ticket?

NY waterways. Well eggs expire

Righetti. I don't think you understand.

NY waterways. Yogurt expires

Righetti. But this isn't a dairy product. It is a ticket for a ferry

NY waterways. Of course

Righetti. So why does it?

NY waterways. How about your metro card, it has an expiration date

Righetti. Yes, but you don't lose the funds, if you have $5 on the expired card it gets transferred to your new one

NY waterways. Yes exactly

Righetti. I don't think you understand

NY waterways. Yes

Righetti. I am going to miss my ferry, how can you resolve this

NY waterways. I can tell you that it is expired

Righetti Can I exchange it?

NY waterways. No

Righetti. Why not?

NY waterways. Because it is expired it says so on the ticket

Righetti. Yes I realize that but how would I have know that before i bought it

NY waterways because it says so on the ticket

Righetti. Ugh

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