Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Take on the party of Flintstone

Science is not a liberal or conservative principle or at least it shouldn't be.

The US joined Nicaragua and Syria in opposition to the Paris Accords which might be the most damaging thing our president has done to date. That includes possibly thin skinned tweets, exaggerating crowd sizes, implying that Obama tapped his wires, handing the keys to the country to a bunch of fringe lunatics and colluding with the Russians. This is where the GOP is now, they are literally ignoring science and pretending it doesn't exist.
Then again, this is a party who believes that the earth is 5000 years old which would mean that the Righetti from 2000BC was sliding down a Brontosauruses back when he left work at sun-dial 30 degrees.
The party of Lincoln and Reagan is now the party of Flintstone. Nice job

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Take on The Best People

Trump told us during the campaign that he would fill the government with the best and brightest people. He might have a different definition for best and brightest as half the people he's brought in are under some kind of investigation.

But it's not just the people who are getting scrutinized for their shady shenanigans, it's the regular folk who are jumping ship.

There was word today that the shakeup at the White House has officially started and maybe, just maybe, it's not Trump who is firing people but people walking out on him. Mike Dubke the White House communication director was the first to jump ship saying his reasons are "personal" which using my magic decoder means that he doesn't want his career ended by a sinking boat the size of the Queen Mary.
Jason Chaffetz saw the writing on the wall a few weeks ago and he's out of his congressional spot (and possibly has some answers to give his former colleagues when they bring him back under some kind of investigation). Of course he lost Flynn, half of the people he wanted for FBI director have stepped aside, a bunch of other positions have had guys bow out as they couldn't show a clean record. Kushner is on the way out and will bring Ivanka with him. You know Sean Spicer is on Trump's wish list of guys he can fire and he might just do it to see the little rabbit squirm.

So he loses his communications director, can't find anybody who can actually get through confirmation hearings for half the roles, has not even nominated 75%! Of the position needing confirmation. Plus he hasn't filled half of his open positions in the legal departments, ambassadorships and under secretaries, and now he's losing the few people who he did have.

Time to call ZipRecruiter I guess.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Take on the hacked election

You know how Trump always claims his opponents do something that he himself is doing.   Accuses Cruz of lying, accuses Hillaryof corruption, accuses Obama of golfing while the country burns, accuses NYTimes of peddling FakeNews as he pushed birtherism for years, Hillary can't be trusted with classified info etc    Most of time he accuses somebody of something, it's just him projecting something he himself has done  

the one that he also said a lot was that there was hacking of the election.  There are obviously many examples of clear Russian interference but he was accusing Hillary campaign more of a true hacking (vote stealing, machines hacked, illegal votes etc)   I wonder if at the end of the day, we find out that there was more than just interference  

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Take on the Home Run

Maybe Trump thought he was playing in a little league field and his flare into left field was actually cleared the fences. That can almost be the only fair description of what happened in Europe and the Middle East where our president embarrassed us in a way only he can. He danced like only an awkward 70 year old white man can, he pushed aside a head of state, he got bitch slapped by his wife twice, he angered his NATO counterparts, he signed a holocaust memorial as if it were a yearbook, he lectured his counterparts across the ponds as they rolled their eyes, he buttoned and unbuttoned his jacket a thousand times, he either did or did not wear translator headphones, he was too tired to do half of the stuff he was scheduled to do, forgot Justin Trudeau's name and generally acted like a dumb American So all-in-all, not bad for him which is like saying the kid who can't tie his own shoes did really well on his physics exam.
Trump is not lovable, he's not harmless and he's not smart but he is loud, obnoxious, self absorbed and tacky, in other words he has reinforced every American stereotype.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Take on the latest Russian disclosures

Why is it always the Russians with these guys??

It's never the prime minister of Luxembourg or the ambassador or New Zealand they failed to disclose, it's always a phone call that starts with 011-7.

As the Trump Russian story gets deeper and deeper, the more obvious it is that nobody is that interested in Michael Flynn, the prize is a much bigger fish and the Feds are about to have a gigantic seafood cookout. It's been bantered about that Jared Kushner has been caught up in the Trump-Russian web for some time now but the release of the report that Kushner was trying to establish a backchannel with the Russians during the transition was more than a little troubling. It's not just that the likelihood of both Trump and Kushner being highly leveraged and indebted to the Russians, it's that all indications are their entire stories are yet to be told and it's unlikely trump didn't at least know about this on some passing level.

Flynn got axed for for not disclosing his contacts with the Russians, which is the grand scheme now is like not admitting you hooked up with a round chick in college one drunk night.

If Flynn hooked up with the round chick, Kushner was banging her daily, calling her at night to sneak into his room for a quick BJ and five hole tingling. And if Kushner was banging here daily, his Father in Law was gaining her call him a dirty pig, while having her tie him up, clamping his nips while shoving a red ball in his mouth and then taking the goldest shower this side of a Trump hotel.

There is no way that Kushner can keep his security clearance or his job

The first question I'd have for Jared is "who else did you fail to disclose that you met with on the forms?"

If the answer is nobody else, then why did you not disclose the Russian contacts?

If he answers with a list of others, then why did you lie on your forms, which is a felony by the way.

Either way he is toast.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Take on the $51000 jacket

All the rage in the blogosphere was over the fact that our First Lady showed up at some G7 event wearing a $51,000 jacket and the optics of that. I get that people will compare her jacket to the income of a middle class family and find the two numbers aren't very different (the average middle class family brings in less than $60k gross and this jacket is $51k before you add sales tax). We don't really care and don't think Trump voters will either. They have always seen Trump as some standard for them to try to achieve. The billions of dollars, the gold plated toilet seats, the penthouse apartment, the fake tan, the terrible suits, the tape on the back of the tie, so they won't care that Melania acts and dresses rich.
What I have an issue with is that the Dolce and Gabbana jacket looks like it was crocheted by a ten year old. It's got to be the ugliest $51,000 jacket I have never seen

Although to be fair, it was likely made by gold labor in Vietnam.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Take on Stockholm Syndrome

when Donald Trump showed up at the Vatican, all the talk was of Melania stroking her hair so she didn't have to touch his disgusting little hands..   The second part was the fact the Pope teased Trump for being a complete slob but the best thing was definitely the photo of Trump, Melania and Ivanka standing with the pope in what looked like the most somber photo for 3/4 of the bunch.   It's as if our president has no concept of the gravity of anything.   This is a guy who signed the Israeli's holocaust memorial book like he was signing a yearbook  "Hey buddy, good seeing you and have fun this summer, Don".   He's a guy who doesn't even realize that he's shoving his tiny foot in his gigantic mouth, so it's no shock that he has no idea when he should give the stupid smile..

anyway, when I saw the photo, all I could think of was  Abbey Road

the priest, the embalmed dead guy followed by the grieving family...  You only needed to add Spicer in the back with a shovel.  

then again Spicer, the only Catholic in the entire crew, was sent home early on this trip, missing the opportunity to finally meet the Pope.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Take on the POTUS who eats the mostest

When Melania and Donald showed up in the Vatican today, all the eyes were in their hands but the pontiff was only concerned about his waist size. He asked Melania if she feeds him nothing but some kind of Slovenian dessert to which she answered in the affirmative. ( The thing about Trump is that he was a total load before getting into his current job but like Carmelo Anthony before him, he seems to be getting fatter as he season goes on. In the article it references a Dr. Oz segment where Trump admitted he could lose about 15pounds off of his 6'3" 236 pound frame. If Trump is 236 pounds, I'm Harry Truman. The dude is easily two and a half bills, likely pushing 275 at this point.
It's the reason that for being a self proclaimed billionaire, he shill dresses like he's wearing his dad's suit. He can't fit in anything that he claims to be able to get into. The guy has as much style as a houseplant and the intellectual curiosity to match

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Take on the dictator in chief

Our president holds dictators in higher regard than he does true democratically elected officials. He's got these weird infatuations with Putin with are well chronicled and you just know that in his heart he likes Assad and probably even has a soft spot for the soft round mound of goo in North Korea. But nothing exemplifies his love for dictators more than his love for Rodrigo Duterte who he invited to visit the White House even if the human right record reads like that of a mini Stalin. Today details of his call with Duterte were released including Trump praising him for his war on drugs aka killing people. I'm not so sure Chris Christie would appreciate that mentality being that he's the new addiction czar. Christie is a complete waste of human flesh but he does have a good sober view on addiction which Trump would be smart to listen to.
In the call Trump also called out Kim Jong Un as being a nutjob with nukes although he might have just been referring to himself there

Monday, May 22, 2017

Take on Melania

There is nothing more obvious that the Donald and Melania marriage is the biggest presidential sham since Bill and Hillary.  But unlike Bill and Hill, who at least tried to make it look real, the obvious disdain that Melania has for Donald is painful to watch.  The most obvious sign is that Trump goes to Florida every weekend to golf, I mean, work instead of heading back to NY to see his wife and kid.  The second sign is the fact that whenever she stands next to him, she's obviously blinking Morse code in Hungarian to try to get somebody to help her out of the gold digging  hole she found herself in.  
But if that wasn't obvious it was that when the Access Hollywood tapes came out, she didn't even seem pissed because she probably has a pool boy grabbing her pussy as much as he's grabbing it on the side.  There is no way she finds that tub of lard even remotely attractive, she already has the money and fame and I'd bet that you couldn't pay her to sleep with him again

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Take on Low Energy Donald

After 24 hours overseas, poor Donald Trump got sleepy after a few days. Maybe it was the weird sword dance, maybe it was having to pronounce all the funny Middle Eastern countries, he had to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia and hen he had to, you know, act stately.
But when he was asked to go to some random thing, he sent Ivanka in his stead because he was "exhausted". This is the same guy who bullied poor Jeb! unmercifully for being Low Energy! to the point where Jeb! sank his entire campaign hopes down the drain.

At least tomorrow he'll be in Israel when Jared announces the peace plan we've been waiting for for 2000 years I can't wait

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Take on Assange

Julian Assange has the kind of infamy where everybody hates him. The liberals hate him, the conservative do, too. Libertarians should like him but are creeped out by him, the only ones that like him are Trumpettes but those are the same guy who park on their lawn and throw bud out cans out of their window. What he claims to stands for sounds heroic but when you realize that he's just a Putin stooge, it's unpatriotic bullshit.
This week Sweden dropped their rape case against him which will likely mean that Ecuador is sick of him stinking up their bathroom and clogging up their dial-up with donkey porn and want him out. But when we finally saw the soon to be free man, he was sporting the kind of mullet that would make Steve Perry proud. Maybe he's secretly Canadian.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Take on the NutJob

It was revealed today that Trump told the Sergey brothers that firing Comey relieved a lot of stress for him because of the Russian thing hanging over him.   That's nice to hear, nobody wants Trump to feel too much pressure 

But what was more striking was the line 

"I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,"

Everything that Trump accuses others of, he does himself.  It's like the liar who wants to get caught

Hillary can't be trusted with classified info-> Trump hands over classified info to the Russians

Hillary is corrupt -> see day 12 of his presidency, day 14, day 17, days 20 through 32, days 40,45,46,50 and all of them between 52-76 plus 78,79. Days 81 to 112 and 114 to today. And the other ones, too. 

NY Times is fake news -> Trump spreads birtherism, Cruz's father on the gassy knoll, inauguration crowd sizes etc

If we lose the election is rigged -> Likely coordinated with the Russians to rig the election

Hillary is in bed with Wall Street-> his entire cabinet could plan on the Goldman Sachs old-timers softball team

Comey better watch out because we may tapes of him saying stuff he shouldn't -> Trump was saying stuff he shouldn't 

Obama plays golf while the country burns-> fore

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Take on the stinky bait

It is just a matter of time before Trump gets out in some kind of confrontational situation where reporters will pepper him with questions about Comey, Flynn, Manafort, Cambridge Analytics, Page etc and he'll just explode.
We know he is easily riled up and extremely thin skinned, so it's not hard to image a Jack moment where he screams that damn right he ordered the code red. We know that Trump is guilty, we know that he's not very bright and we know that he will take the bait, so now all it takes is a prosecutor or interviewer who can go toe to toe with him. Trump is no wimp and he'll likely not go down easily but it won't be long, his handlers can't keep him away forever

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Take on RedDonald

I've been thinking about this perception that Trump is this amazing business person.  Is it possible that Trump made all of his supposed billions because the Russians were using his companies as ways to launder money.  He was chosen years ago as their mule and he happily obliged as it allowed him to appear successful.  None of it actually a true success, just a number of shell companies which made money as a laundering service. 

The kinds of companies which he himself wanted to pursue were things like the steaks and the wine etc which were disasters because he had no Russian money keeping afloat.  

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Take on the political world we live in

We live in a world where FoxNews claims to be Fair and Balanced and people honestly believe it.  People will tell you it's the most trusted place for news while anybody with open eyes will blatantly see it's partisan mouthpiece  

We have an administration that openly tries to discredit The New York Times and The Washington Post as fake news, two of the most respected papers in our country.   This is a time when the National Review won't even back a republican president.  All the while our own president perpetuated "fake news" with the birtherism, inauguration crowd size, 3 million illegal votes, Obama tapping his wires etc    

The thing is that I have never in my life watched MSNBC and thought I was getting a balanced view, just today the news of the little "Trump giving highly classified information to the Ruskies" story sits below the fold on  That is a problem

This is what happens when you confuse journalism with entertainment   

Edward R Murrow is rolling over in his grave 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Take on the anti-intellectual president

Our President is a moron


Here are two report I read today..

First a report from ( with the headline NATO Frantically Tries to Trump-Proof President's First Visit.   The article describes sources inside NATO and Senior US officials recommending heads of state to limit talks to 2-4 minutes at a time as our president has a notoriously short attentions span.

Second report from Politico ( with the headline.  How Trump gets his fake news.   The president rarely surfs the web on his own, but his staff made a habit of slipping news stories on to his desk- including the occasional internet hoax


For years we have heard the modern GOP as being anti-intellectual as they catered to the lowest common denominator when it came to things like science, evolution, climate change, EPA etc but calling Trump an anti-intellectual is an insult to other anti-intellectuals.   Our president isn't just anti-intellectual, he's anti-high school intelligence.  This guy isn't mentally or emotionally equipped to run a bake-sale and 43 million people thought he was the guy to run the biggest economy, have control over the biggest armed forces, the biggest democracy with the smallest hands and the smallest mind this side of a smurf and the intellectual curiosity of a house plant.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Take on the gutless GOP senatorial leadership

If the GOP leadership in the senate has finally gotten some guts it sure has an odd way of showing it.  There are reports which surface that senate leadership is starting to break from Trump although so far they have voted with him more than 95% of the time.  I'm going to keep this in the I'll believe it when I see it category.  Yes, you'll hear the occasional grumbling from McCain on Lindsey Graham but you never actually see the do anything.  Yes, some have said the Comey firing was troubling but none of them have called for hearings, asked explicitly for a special prosecutor or called our president out for being a slimy orange Russian stooge. 
The day this senate ever goes full circle and openly and forcefully opposes Trump on his ideals, morals and convictions is the day they will be allowed to put on big boy pants, until then they are a bunch of sissies 

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Take on Sam Clovis

I don't know anything about Trump's new pick for top USDA scientist a position which deals deeply with agriculture and nutrition but when you look at the guy's resume (no experience in agriculture, science or nutrition), company he keeps (he is the one who introduced Trump to Carter Page) and triple chins, I'm not impressed. This is the guy who will be advising Trump on nutrition and looking at his own waistline, he'd likely suggest that Trump should be getting a third scoop of ice cream. Most people are expecting Trump to get impeached but at the rate he is putting on weight, he's not going to make it till The Fourth of July. He's getting fatter every single time you see him and those ill fitted suits only look him more blimp-like.
This is what happens when one obese president puts a similarly fat guy in charge of health, you have our country go into one simultaneous gigantic bout of cardiac areas

But if we're all gonna die anyway, I'll have a large fries with my double bacon cheeseburger deluxe and give a gigantic coke, too.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Take on our president's war on the press

The freedom of the press is under siege, our president who hasn't had very many press conferences is threatening to eliminate the near daily press briefings given by his press secretary. This is a classic example of Trump using one example, his team's inability to stay on message and conflates that with his desire to not give the press access. This is the danger of a man who overreacts, has no self control has never met a crazy thought in his mind that he hasn't said.
But we are in a place in time where this is acceptable. Trump shuns his obligations of transparency, he acts like a juvenile, he lies, he cheats and he cries about being treated unfairly. He's a ten year old shoved in a 300 pound old man's sloppy body

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Take on the Russian Oval Office meeting

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
Our president fires the FBI director investigating his office, tells you it was done upon the recommendation of his AG and then two days later says it was actually based on his own decision. This is a president, in the mists of RussiaGate invites Sergey Lavrov into the Oval Office and we later find out that another Sergey, Sergey Kislyak also shows up. The same Sergey whose meetings with Flynn were his ultimate takedown. The Russians also sent out some photos of the event, an event where the American press was not present. This was a meeting which was apparently insisted upon by one Vladimir Putin

The chances of them having dropped a bug in the Oval Office has to be somewhere between 99.9999 and 100%, right? The only chance they didn't bug us is if they were picking up the bug that Flynn left there

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Take on RussiaGate

The FoxNews headline screamed "James Comey Resigns" as if he had any say in his future.   Donald Trump, our Dear Leader, has taken it upon himself to purge the government of anybody who he sees as adversarial and seems to want to replace them with loyalists and we're being asked to accept it.  
What I'm sure of, is that there is an attempt to coverup something, what that something is, in not sure but assuming Trump isn't able to bring a psychopath like Rudy Giuliani to head the FBI, I assume we will find out who, what and where. We just will be left with a why
I can see Flynn getting corrupted but how does that single event spread across the entire TeamTrump.  I can see the outsiders individually being interested, Carter Page cut his teeth on deals between oil companies and mother Russia, so there is a connection there.  Rex Tillerson was the oil company.  Manafort has enough Eastern European skeletons to fill a Romanian morgue but how does it all tie together and who arranges it 
How does a career Washington guy like Jeff Sessions fall in line, how does his AG Rosenstein come along.   How do they recruit Chaffez and Nunes for cover.   What is it it for Giuliani to offer up an October surprise.  
But who was the architect from this side of the pond, how was everybody brought together and kept to stay quiet?  There must be something in it for all these guys and it can't just be a bottle of Vodka.  People who have been loyal servants to this country don't go rogue for nothing. People who have made a lot of money keeping the right wheels greased don't blow it up.  People who still have ambitions for further careers in Washington would not seem to be easy converts.   Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and Steve Miller are just crazy enough to want to blow it up but how do they stay quiet, nobody does anything unless there is something in it for them.  The Lufthansa heist had the fat guy with beard buying his girl a mink coat, Watergate had deep throat.  Somebody always trips up or cracks and the book that will be written on this time will seem unbelievable 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Take on Sally Yates

Sally Yates put the kind of beat down to Ted Cruz that everybody in the free world must have enjoyed. Forget your political persuasion but hearing Cruz get on his big constitutional horse and get dressed down was great
But what was more obvious, was not all the distractions that the GOP tried to throw at Yates but rather the fact that they warned Trump of the dangers of Flynn and instead of dismissing him, they went back to ask why it should matter. These are not professionals, these are not people who are trying to do right, these are people who are playing an elaborate game of cover up
Yates showed that she won't be intimated by Don's morning tweets and showed to be more competent than the entire team he hired

Let the hearings continue

Monday, May 8, 2017

Take on Macron

There was no scarier proposition than the Trump virus making its way across the Atlantic, so we were happy to see the Dutch nazi Wilders and now Peppy Le Pen defeated in back to back western contests. What gave us less confidence was the victory speech that Macron gave last night, this dude looked more overwhelmed than a 14 year old first walking into high school. He looked like a cross between a man who showed up at work without pants and A Small Wonder and he is now the leader of one of the great democracies in the Europe.
Viva la France

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Take on the Russian debacle

The AP had a story yesterday where somehow they really buried the lede.  

It's another story about how the Trump campaign was warned repeatedly about the fact that Michael Flynn was in regular contact with, and possibly compromised by, the Russian.  This isn't news anymore for people paying attention, there will be multiple dominoes that will fall until it finally knocks down the big orange one but what was shocking was that the most damming quote in the entire article was buried

"The outgoing White House also became concerned about the Trump team's handling of classified information. After learning that highly sensitive documents from a secure room at the transition's Washington headquarters were being copied and removed from the facility, Obama's national security team decided to only allow the transition officials to view some information at the White House, including documents on the government's contingency plans for crises."

This president and his transition team were removing classified and sensitive information and copying them like a teacher's aid with an unlimited photocopy card.  This is a campaign, lead by one Michael Flynn, which wanted Hillary locked up for her email server, yet they were treating our most sensitive information like my crazy aunt does emails titled "funny things that Walmart shoppers do" 

The crazies are really running the asylum. Time for a couple of subpoenas, indictments and canaries to spill the dirt

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Take on the golfer in chief

Trump tweeted "The reason I am staying in Bedminster, N. J., a beautiful community, is that staying in NYC is much more expensive and disruptive. Meetings!" which was great to hear but then some guy in his Instagram account posted a picture of Fat Donnie hitting the links. I've said a thousand times that I don't care how much golf he plays, didn't care when Obama did it, didn't care when Bush Jr. did it and didn't care when Bubba did it either. The only criticism is that Trump can't even own it, you have the hardest job on the planet, you can do anything you need to give yourself a mental break, but don't call it something it isn't. There is no "cost savings" with you staying at your golf course for the taxpayers. If you were interested in that, play at Andrews Airforce Base and sleep at the White House

Friday, May 5, 2017

Take on the TrumpCare

I'd have to think that if you've been dependent on Obamacare today kind of sucks.   There is nothing worse than a bunch  of old rich white guys spiking the football on the back of  your health insurance's demise..   Not only was this new TrumpCare not vetted through congress, many members said that they didn't have a chance to read it yet, it was also not vetted by the Congressional Budget Office who would give you an estimated cost.   Whenever you try to pull an Art Modell and pass one of these things in the middle-of-the-night, something feels off..

If you are a healthy person between 20-30, things look pretty good for you, that is, of course, assuming you don't have cancer or aids or acne.  Having had a previous pregnancy can also be considered a preexisting condition which is very exactly telling your own mother to go screw herself.   But the good news is that Trump promised a great health care for everybody and even commented how great the (single payer) Australian one was when he met their Prime Minister yesterday.  

One condition that doesn't seem to be considered pre-existing is ED.. I wonder why

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Take on the TrumpChurch

Nothing shocks me more than the fact that the more religious somebody is, the more likely they voted for Trump

I'm no biblical scholar but it seems to me there should be no natural connection to Trump's gaudy buildings, singular top down leadership, defense of the brand to knock down stories in the press not favorable, legions of followers of the word of a single man, major corruption coverups, ambiguous speeches and massive donations cloaked under the banner of trying to make change

Let alone an older man in leadership accused of groping younger followers

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Take on the repeal and replace option.

It sounds like the house will pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare with some Trojan horse sometime tomorrow. But like most things in Washington, this will be a bill that the people of the country haven't learned much about and there even are many congressman who apparently also haven't seen the latest version. Nothing is as comforting as hearing that we'll have to pass a healthcare bill to learn what's inside of it. One thing is for sure, it will ecover preexisting conditions won't. Not a huge deal if you are a healthy 41 year old but a bit bigger of a deal if you have cancer. It sounds like the biggest caveat will be left to the states which will make 3/4 of our country places that nobody will want to live. So what happens then, all the sick people come to a few of the states that don't have ice in their veins? Hope they bring their bags of money, tons of inheritance, well to do families, innovative streaks, education and self worth, too.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Take on the civil war

What's so civil about war anyway?

Our president is not exactly a student of history preferring to make his own (and later trying rewrite it) than studying it. Steve Bannon whispered in his ear that he's the new Andres Jackson and Trump immediately had his portrait hung up in the Oval Office. He went to visit his gravesite and may have seen something on his presidency on the history channel (although he probably bad to tinkle when the chapter on the trail of tears thing came up)
But this is the world we live in, Trump tell us that Andrew Jackson would have prevented the civil war negotiation, not sure exactly how that worked but it seems odd being that the statement is a direct indictment of the president his party claims to get it lineage from. But apparently according to the historian in chief, Lincoln wasn't smart enough or a savvy enough to negotiate his way out of the firebomb heading right towards the core of our country. Yes, Mr Davis, you give up slavery and we will give you a few acres in Oklahoma and a few smallpox blankets to boot

Monday, May 1, 2017

Take on our incompetent North Korean policy

Our Dear Leader said he'd be honored to meet Kim Jong Un at the White House.  Maybe Trump has forgotten that we are actually still at war with North Korea, maybe he has forgotten that Kim has sent a dozen test missiles out since his presidency has started.  Maybe he doesn't realize the human tragedy which has happened under the watch of three separate Kim regimes and maybe he has forgotten that Kim has silenced his opposition by silencing them.  Maybe Trump has forgotten about the armada he was sending there. Maybe he has forgotten about the pressure he was going to put on President Xi to bring Kim to his knees

Or maybe he is just a moron 

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