Sunday, February 7, 2016

Take on the GOP debate

The last time we checked in the GOP field was about 30% bigger but after Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul all dropped out of a race they never had a chance in, we finally got a bit more clarity.  As we saw from the Dems, less is more in these cases and the quicker you can get down to two, the better. 

Quick review

Ground Control to Major Tom

Somebody forgot to update the software on the Koch Brother Rubio robot because there was a point where you were half expecting his campaign manager to walk up on stage to press alt-ctl-delete because he was stuck in an endless loop
This debate will be about what Marco lost more than what anybody else gained but make no mistakes this was a Poland Spring cringe worthy moment and shows that Rubio has no ability to think on his feet

For the second debate in a row Big Chris showed the world what kind of great debater (and bully) he really is.  He is not presidential but when it comes to a format like this, he shines.  Although the visual of him sitting in his tidy whities chugging Bud Lites and eating an entire large pie while the NJ congress shuts down the government is not a visual I need. 

Please clap

Somebody better tell John that the combination of being smart, experienced and positive is a losing combination.   Maybe you didn't get the message, we want somebody to tell us how crappy the country is, how much brown people will kill the American Dream, how much Jesus of Nazareth would hate Jesus of Tijuana, how Obama sucks and have it all be spewed in 20 second soundbites.    And please get that twitch under control, you look like you are mixing a milkshake up on stage.  

Glad to see you got new clothes, now go home 

It was pretty telling when at the end of the debate all the candidates had their families come up and hug their husbands and fathers and Heidi Cruz decided to stay in be audience. For all the talk about his uncompromising morality, he is a disgusting snake.  The Iowa things with Carson was W in South Carolina bad. 

The reason Trump underperformed in Iowa is because the caucus system forces you to stand up in public and fight for your guy.   Trump appeals to people and they will admit it in anonymous polls but I have to think that when you get in front of your peers people get stage fright because it's like admitting to your neighbors, business associates and fellow PTA members that you're voting for Kim Kardashian

But in New Hampshire we go to a normal anonymous primary and that could work in his favor.  What is scary is that he's actually gotten better at this thing over time and I still think he takes New Hampshire big and then takes that momentum to South Carolina and Nevada   He commands the stage and his rivals are so afraid of him that they won't ever engage him.  Jeb! tried but it was about six months too late which is the story of his life.  Anyway, nobody else will take Trump to task, maybe they all expect him to implode but we all know by now that this just isn't happening and all we can count on now is that primary voters can't be that stupid, can they?

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