Saturday, February 13, 2016

Take on Scalia

At 5pm my Twitter feed blew up with news that Antonin Scalia had kicked the bucket. This is big news at any point but with the election breathing down our necks, it took special importance. We will now debate whether or not Obama has the right to appoint the next one and truthfully he might get a chance at a other one as Ginsberg looks like she is about to kick the bucket and Breyer and Kennedy may both croak getting out of bed tomorrow.

Anyway, what was most surprising to me actually was that it took until about 5pm today to have this news become knows since they found his body this morning after he did not show up for breakfast at some fancy vacation ranch. We know that Antonin was not one to miss breakfast, so people must have been concerned within minutes of the first stack of silver dollar pancakes came out steaming hot.

What I noted was that The San Antonio Express had this story at about 11am today (as per Google news) but no other major outlet had it for six hours later. How in today's ultra connected world does it take six hours for something as big as this to stay buried. The only thing I have to imagine is that they wanted to give the family some respect in this time for mourning...... that and they needed time to bury the dead hookers and clean up all the viagra and blow

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