Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Take on Kurt Rambis

He is no Little Wheats to start off with but to come out and claim you were hacked for liking some Twitter photo of an Asian chick playing with her spicy salmon roll is just lame. I hate when celebrities (and crappy basketball coaches apparently) claim they were hacked whenever they do something stupid in a social media circle. I am pretty sure how this Kurt Rambis thing went down. He went onto Twitter and searched for Asian Milf and he got onto a stream of photos and after he was done...shooting hoops, he probably accidentally swiped his hand against the little heart thing. He didn't mean to "like" the photo but he was likely to prevent his Gatorade from hitting the screen and in a lame attempt, he proved that not only is he a crappy coach, he has beats his winkie in the bathroom of the Knicks practice facility.

Put in Jimmer

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