Friday, February 5, 2016

Take on the democratic debate

Who knew that taking out that stiff O'Malley would allow Bernie and Hillary to take out their stuff. For two hours we watched Hillary try dirty dancing with an unwilling partner and we saw the passion out of an old man trying to send back a bowl of soup.

Here are some comments

- when it comes to anything genuine, Bernie has her beat badly, it's as if they aren't even playing the same game. Bernie believes everything he says and Hillary believes everything she says will get her elected. The two don't mix

- I love the fact that unlike every other candidate who sloshes down Poland Spring after Poland Spring, Bernie is chugging straight black coffee. It's 10:45 and he's got a pot of that gas station quality mud under his lector.

- Hillary on the other hand practically has Rachel Maddow under her lector the entire night

- for all the fireworks we got early, it seemed the old man got a bit tired and Hillary realized it wasn't playing well, so at some point they seemed to be exchanging spots underneath each other's lectors

- you can see the Melanoma growing on Bernie's head, if that isn't king to get him, the fact that he looks like he is about to go into cardiac arrest right on stage. He also looks like he has to pee the entire time, maybe cut back on that black mud a bit??

- when Bernie smiles I half expect his teeth to fall out

- When Hillary smiles I see that carnival game clown

- when it comes to foreign policy, Bernie is lost. It is not the lack of experience that bothers me, it is that he has absolutely no discernible policy or direction. The answer to Russia's land grab cannot be "income inequality", the answer to North Korea cannot be "deregulating the banks" and the answer to Saudi-Iranian feud cannot be Big Oil...well maybe that could have something to do with it

- Bernie makes people who follow Islam sound like they are large deer. I get the Brooklyn accent is part of the charm but come on dude.

- you have to love that Hillary turns over her notes when she goes to take a wee. She treats them more carefully than she does classified information

- The contrast between a seasoned politician and a ideologue is pretty stark and as much as Hillary will fight I think we all believe that voting for her is a vote for the status quo...and that is not a bad thing at all

- glad to see Flint brought up, time for Obama to step in and treat this like the national crisis that it is, it is not his fault but if that were Bush, he would be getting killed for inaction. Time to step up and lead

- there is nothing lamer than the "would you choose him/her as your VP?" God, get over yourself MSNBC. We all know Hilary would take Ed Rendell and Bernie would take a moose

- I hope Chris Matthews and the rest of the MSNBC crew didn't hurt themselves (or each other) trying to get out from underneath Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd's desk

- never remember candidates giving big hugs to the moderators after a debate before, guess it is like kissing your girlfriend after messing up the sheets

- last note, when the thing ended it was odd to not see Old Bill coming out...wouldn't be shocked if he was stuck under an MSNBC intern's desk

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