Sunday, January 31, 2016

Take on the Iowa Caucus

Well we are finally here, after a dozen debates, two dozen candidates, hundreds of millions of dollars spent and no lives changed, the race for the guy or girl to replace Obama will officially begin tomorrow with something as archaic and idiotic as anything this country can think of...a caucus. Basically a bunch of farmers in Iowa will meet at a middle school gym and, like a middle school dance, they will get split up into different sides of the dance floor. The ones supporting Hillary will line up underneath the basket, the ones who support Bernie will line up. by the bleachers, a bunch of undecideds will line up by the bathroom and the one guy who supports O'Malley will have forgotten the address. Then there is some kind of pre-vote and assuming nobody gets a majority they will keep being forced to mingle until some 7th grade girl and some 8th grade boy will dance to that "I had the time of our lives" song and finally they will get to go home

I am not sure what to expect but since I nailed that ratings thing a few days ago I will go out and predict

For the donkeys
Hillary finishes in first
Bernie finishes in second
O'Malley finishes in last

For the elephants
Cruz wins
Rubio second
Trump third

Oh the horror.

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