Friday, February 26, 2016

Take on the GOP debate

Last night we had the last debate before the SEC primary and it lived up to all the hype.  Say why you will, but Trump just makes these things a must-watch and the more Trump the better.   

Couple of takeaways

- it is striking how often Cruz and Rubio refer to  Trump my his first name, I am convinced this is this is by design to remind voters that he is a complete cartoon character.  

- weird that Trump only refers to Kasich as "the governor".  I think he forgot his name which isn't surprising

- also why does Trump always refer to Carson as Ben Carson and not Ben or Carson or something? Is he afraid that we'd think he is talking about Johnny Carson??

- Wolf Blitzen looks like a troll.  Not an Internet troll but literally a little weird thing that lives in a tree and make magic potions

- Love that Trump who lives in a tanning booth incubator told Rubio that he was wearing too much makeup before the debate

- we missed you Jeb!  sort of..

- somebody please mention Ben Carson's name at some point because the poor guy is dying up there.  But he spends more time bitching about what he didn't get to say than actually saying what he wants to say.  

Unlike Carson, the other six seed (Kasich) seems to get extra time when he does get to speak.  That bell never seems to ring which I attribute to how when you are bored the clock feels like it is standing still 

-I keep hearing how Carson in brilliant but the more I see of him at these debates the more I think that if I needed a brain transplant, I may prefer Trump to do the surgery.    With that said I'd pay money to have him read "Goodnight Moon"

- Kasich, I think it is time that somebody takes you out back and tells him that just because he wants to come across as the every-man, doesn't mean he has to look like a schlep.  He wears a suit which looks like he shoved in his overhead bag and he looks like gets his haircuts at Supercuts and when he spends all his energy not doing his karate chop hands thing he loses focus and goes into his boring stump speech

- Trump, at the end of the day, you want your candidate vetted and Trump is like ISIS right now, taking on all comers at once.  You cannot imagine how a guy with as little knowledge as he has, continues to dominate.  Yeah Marco had a couple of cute remarks but so did Trump and when he said that Marco was so nervous after his exchange with Christie last debate that he was sweating as if he had just gotten out of a pool does tell you that Marco is not quite as ready as you'd hope. 

- Cruz.  When 40% of voters in a major swing  State thing you might be the Zodiac Killer that is a problem.   He is near brilliant but so were most maniacs who have stared major world wars, and Cruz might be worse.  Worse than anything was the fact he kept coughing directly into the mic, dude cover your mouth what the hell are you some unsophisticated two pack-a-day ape??

And last must not least, the line of the night from the interweb' Thunderlips I liked how Rubio would zing Trump and then look at the crowd and smile like Stanley Roper used to on Three's Company when he zinged his wife.  

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