Sunday, March 31, 2013

Take on Wilt

When Kobe Bryant made a jumper in the second quarter, he surpassed
another Laker Great on the all-time scoring list. Former NBA player,
Wilt Chamberlain's 31,149 points were now fifth all-time and Michael
Jordan's 32,292 is clearly within sight

But really when I read the headline about somebody breaking Wilt's
number I was expecting to read about Kobe's conquests in the bedroom.
Wilt claimed to have bedded 10,000chicks which seemed far fetched and
you wonder if it's matchable. Let's take today's biggest star like
Kobe or Tiger and let him have at it with no regards of morality of
decency, he would get to 10k by getting a different broad per day
which would take over 27 years would get him to Wilt. I know a dude
who got to nearly 40 chicks in a ten day rampage of South America
which was an impressive feat both physically and financially but to
keep up that pace you'd still be looking at nearly seven years to
catch the Big Dipper

the 10,000 mark is one of longevity as much as it's about but it
might be a record worth tempting. Just get the right kind of sex
addicted star with the right exposure could challenge this number
although this might be harder than scoring 100 in a game

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Take on electronic cigarettes.

I am all for having a guy kick a nasty habit even is it is with aid of help but I am getting increasingly concerned that those electronic cigarettes are the downfall for our great country. 
 is there anything lamer than those electronic cigarettes.  I get that long time smokers have both nicotine withdrawal as much as a withdrawal from having something in their hands but is holding a pencil shaped dildo really the best way to go?  These have become the new Virginia Slims and  like those,  any dude smoking one should probably upgrade to smoking something else. There is nothing as lame as feeling the need to puff away on a NJ transit bus and it might be due time for somebody to pop the next idiot who "lights" one up indoors 
The problem is that people aren't getting the hint that these are isiptic and I have seen them pop up everywhere and I am just waiting for Lebron James and Chris Paul to start rocking these like they do those idiotic fake black rimmed glasses


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Friday, March 29, 2013

Take on yet another pair of sr

I'm not sure what walking with four kids at the zoo does to me, but as
usual I ended up with a full belly, an empty wallet and another ripped
pair of underwear. Somehow, these ridiculously large chick thighs
of mine have a Superman effect on my underwear because there are way
too many days when the sheer act of bending down or squatting means I
need to go to Target for replenishment. I really need to figure a way
to either drop some pounds in my thighs of find some carbon-fiber
reinforced boxers

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Take on the FAA

I read an article in today's Times about progress on the technology
front. This wasn't a new app or gaming console but instead a push to
allow electronic devices to be used during take-off and landings on a
commercial plane. The basis of the argument is that if Pilots and
flight attendance can use them in flight, why wouldn't passengers and
the argument about an IPad being a projectile in the case of
turbulence is no more valid than a heavy book having the same, if not
worse, effect.

But what got me is the argument which stated that other electronic
device like hearing-aids and electric razors were allowed and thus
there should be no reason to not allow IPadsand Kindles

My only question is..who the hell is using an electronic razor while
sitting strapped into your seat?? As a fellow passenger, I'd much
rather have the guy sitting next to me reading 50 Shades of Grey on a
tablet than shaving excess nose-hair or worse yet deciding this is the
optimal time to do some man-grooming

Get over yourself FAA and allow me to watch YourPorn while your sleep
deprived pilots try to make a LaGuardia landing with 90 mile per hour
cross-winds over the sound and disallow the nose clippers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Take on the 1%

Nobody has ever confused the USA today with high-brow reading, not his
for content but also for the quality of the writing. But the one
thing it does offer you is some decent reading while you are sitting
in the can at a HolidayInnExpress.
What i don't get though is their headline saying that Florida Gulf
Coast is the team for the 1%
Either his is a lame Occupy WallStreet reference which really makes no
sense because if anything about 99% of the country is rooting for them
or it is a reference to their chances at winning the entire thing
which also is odd because before the tournament started and anybody
had heard of DunkCity, the odds were probably at 0.00001% chance of
winning considering a 15 seed had never won more than a single game in
the tournament
Anyway, I'm for Dunk City so count me in the 1%

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Take on the tax of a kindle book

Can somebody explain to me why the hell I am getting charged tax for buying a
kindle edition of some crappy fantasy novel.   Getting taxes on a physical book is one thing but on something you don't physcially own, this seems like major government overreach
I have never seen this before so maybe it's specific to this genre, call it a dork
tax which like a tax on fat people, I'm all for (hi mr mayor)

But I don't like the precedent this dork tax sets,  I don't get charged tax for
streaming a movie online , reading the NY Times online or anything else
Next thing you know, you'll get a tax bill for reading TOR

Monday, March 25, 2013

Take on the parking rates

I really hate how these parking lots get away with the equivalent if
having gasoline priced to the $0.009/penny. Just today I see this
large sign for all-day parking with a price of $8.45 plastered across
it. Of course the fine-print tells you this is for a half an hour.
Only in NYC does it cost you $10 including tax and tip to park for 30
minutes when we all know that there is nothing you can get done in
that timeline

Anyway, here is a big FU to the entire parking lot business

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Take on Sunday Parking

When Mayor Bloomberg eliminated metered parking on Sunday's everybody
applauded. The people who live in or visit NYC would have one day
when they were not forced to feed the meter and what better day than
on God's Day. We at TOR always had a second thought to this because
like most things which seem like a no brainer, there is a second
perspective which comes with unplanned consequences.
See giving free street parking sounds great (except to those who like
the thought of a seventh day of revenue stream) but it also means that
people will park on Saturday night at about 8pm and not move their
cars till Monday morning. In other words all those stores who thought
they'd benefit instead can't get people to come in because there is no
street parking. Have you ever noticed how it is impossible to find a
parking spot on a Sunday around brunch?
So if you think that this is good for stores, think again because it
mean that today I didn't shop in NYC. The only one who this really
benefits it Big-Parking

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Take on the androgynous hot chick

There are two of three big female celebs who I am convinced are
packing heat and if they are not there should be no way a heterosexual
man would want to stick his dinky in her pinky

-Wendy Williams is to a hot woman like Wendy's is to a nutritious
meal. You get a couple of calories but if they'd let you, you'd barf
the second you look behind the curtains. Wendy Williams probably has
a Harry Reems size dingy under those Target dresses.

-RuPaul. My buddies Tommy C and Norman Z used to argue with each
other how hot she was, not even realizing they were on the same side.
one being convinced she was the second coming of Halle Berry and the
other just hoping to cover her in juices and berries. I never had the
heart to tell them but I'm still convinced they each ride that black

-Chyna. Dude that is a man and even if it's not close. No chick
should have bigger traps than you and in her video she very clearly
has a little Korea in her pants

- Nicki Minaj. Here is something I don't get.. This chick looks like
Arsenio Hall yet the entire world seems to be going gaga over her.
She's got a 40 foot billboard in Times Square and gets crazy airtime
on that crappy singing show but there is no doubt that the only thing
bigger than her fake t!ts are her real balls. That chick has a more
masculine face than every Asian I've ever met and an Adam's apple like
she swallowed them.
I am sure that when all is set and done, they find out that she has
Mariah beat in fake cup size and Randy beat in the other cup size

Friday, March 22, 2013

Take on the Dress Code

There are many things I am quite happy to not have to ever worry about
and the top of that list is ever getting stuck in a place with a dress
I walked past the Lucky Strike bowling alley today and saw all the
things not permitted and honestly it may as well have said "no black
people allowed" because the blatant racism in their dress code sign
was pretty obvious. The first thing was no baggy jeans then no MC
colors (whatever that means), no athletic gear (because so many white
dudes are wearing sweats), no work boots and finally no hats with an
exception of baseball caps (read beanies)
I am not here to defend anybody but that is about as blatant as it
gets. Not a lot of white dudes wearing sweats? Timberlands, beanies
and baggy shirts is my guess

Thursday, March 21, 2013

take on the Berenstain Bears Christian Series

I used to love the Berenstain Bears and now my daughter does too.   But somewhere between the original authors Jan and Fran dying and the son Michael showing up and taking over the franchise they took a turn for the worse.   Whereas the original theme of the series undeniably had underlying Christian Values they now have become an o over-the-top Christian cheer-leading squad    
The other day, unbeknownst to me, I started reading one of these overt faith based titles and was gagging on the pomposity of it all
I get the thought of teaching a kid right-from-wrong but this jam it down your throat overt Christian bull is just sickening..  

Stick to titles like The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room or The Berenstain Bears Go out for the Team with subtle Christian crap but keep the over-the-top stuff out of my wholesome household...and if you really want to teach kids a lesson that is important to their own safety maybe it's time for The Berenstain Bears and the Creepy Priest where Papa Bear comes over and punches Father Grizzly in the mouth for playing pawsees with Brother

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

take on the Chinese Pig problem

I can't tell you how excited I am to be travelling to China in 10 days... not just because my air-quality app keeps notifying me that the air-quality is somewhere between "moderately polluted" to"unhealthy" which actually isn't so bad considering it was "hazardous" a month ago..  
But what I'm really excited about is the 14,000 dead pigs they've found floating in some river right outside of Shanghai..  the good news, for me, is that I don't dig on swine, so the chances of me chopping down on one of those swine-flu pigs... the bad news is that i'm sure I'll be eating a ton of the three-eyed fish that comes out of that same river so my death may be only slightly delayed.

then again, that might be the least of my worries if I accidentally drink the water or touch anything.. I may start convulsing immediately 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Take on the tourist bus

Can somebody explain the appeal of one of those indoor bus tours where
you get 80 fanny-pack wearing hillbillies from Wichita to pay $100
each to sit in traffic throughout Manhattan. At least those red buses
are hop-on hop-off, so you can get off the death trap if you realize
your driver has a death wish or more likely you are sick of staring at
the same Times Square sign for the fifth red-light. These new ones
offer stadium seating facing out of one side of the bus...which also
means you can't see anything that is happening on the other side, so
if your bus driver ends up driving south on the West Side Highway, you
get a great view of 12th avenue and no view of the river

Monday, March 18, 2013

Take on the tournament

The last week in March is one of my favorite weeks, not so because I
love college basketball because you couldn't pay me to watch Florida
vs Missouri on a Saturday in January (although I would watch on a
Saturday in October)
But there is something great about the tournament, the excitement, the
heartache, the Cinderella's and the powerhouses. I love filling out
my bracket, love checking ESPN throughout the day and love gambling on
commercials between games.

What I don't love are the guys who go chalk with their brackets. I
get that anybody is free to do anything they want, but a guy taking
Duke, NC, Florida and Michigan State on any given year should be hung
by his little high pitched diaper dandy testicles

But really that is the best part about the tournament, as my buddy the
Bump will often say...the premier event of the college basketball
season and that little ACC fraud is nowhere to be found

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Take on the Halls hidden messages

Has anybody noticed that Halls cough-drops are now not just made in
China but also come with some old sage life lessons. It's like
unwrapping each cough-drop is like cracking open a fortune cookie with
such life-changing advice as "tough is your middle name" or the
equally lame "flex your 'can do' muscles. This has the kind of
cross-over appeal as RuPauk
I don't know who they are appealing to but when I have a sore throat,
the last thing I want is some testosterone induced Yoda advice

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Take on the wine labels

I don't drink a lot of wine, mostly because when I do, I usually feel
like a bird shat directly into my mouth so I am far from schooled on
the nuanced differences of one vineyard vs another. I am the type of
consumer who looks at the label and tries to make my best guess using
only the name on the front and the description on the back and
honestly I may as well do it blindfolded because my hit-rate is
somewhere near Mike Francessa's NFL picks. I am happy enough when I
can tell a Merlot from a Cabernet, so then to also have to pick on
vineyard, or god-forbid year, is a challenge I am not wiling to take
Today, I walked in to get a bottle of red for my FIL who like me could
care less about the label, the price or the type and walked out with a
bottle of DrySack which I assume is a warning to a guy who drinks too
much of it, his sperm count drops to nothing.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Take on the cab to the burbs

There are a thousand reasons why living in the suburbs blows donkey
including realizing you live in the lamest level of strip-mall hell.
But with all that, there is nothing worse than needing to negotiate a
cab-fare from the airport. If you live in the five boroughs, your
life is pretty good cause you get into the can and pay whatever your
meter reads when you get out. The problem is that when you need to
get to the burbs, the cabbies pull out this ridiculous book with the
prices Carmel charges. First of all, if I wanted to pay Carmel
prices, I'd call 666-6666 and get into a Towncar. This now becomes a
miserable negotiation because if it's busy at the airport, he's got no
reason to come off this fare quote. Yesterday the guy said my fare
would be $92 plus tolls and tip which would run you almost $150 which
considering it cost me $74 to get out there pretty ridiculous

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take in the added flavor

Can somebody explain how companies add certain flavored to their food
processing. I can't quite understand the flavor "yellow" as much as
I am struggling to understand the "smoke flavor added" to this. It
reminds me a bit of getting with some skanky chick and when she opens
her legs it smells like the Fulton Fish Market. You don't know what
you are dealing with until your knee deep in carp
I feel like they throw a burnt Marlboro into a can of bumblebee and
call it smoked salmon

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Take on the subway station walls

With all the fare increases the MTA keeps jamming down New Yorkers
throats like they are Traci Lords, you'd think they'd at least clean
up their spunk. Even though they have never been known for being
even remotely clean, the subway stations have really gotten so much

The station up on 175th street look like a homeless person wiped his
ass over the walls and it is absolutely disgusting. Maybe get one of
your red-coat greeters to get out of their little booth and spray the
walls down with some fantastic

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Take on the blue plate

You know that when you get stuck behind a light with somebody driving
a big American boat with blue plates, you are in trouble. The light
will eventually turn and the geezer behind the wheel will not notice
and you will be stuck waiting as it turns yellow and then eventually
red and the entire time you are convinced the guy is probably dead and
it not, maybe he should be
Here is a novel concept.. If you were born before the Great
Depression, we probably shouldn't renew their license and there is no
way to identify them then by their scarlet -or should I say blue-

Monday, March 11, 2013

Take on the MetroCard expiration date

I walked into the subway the other day after not having taken the
train regularly in six months and met one of the most ridiculous
messages I've ever gotten when I tried to swipe through..."card

With all the energy in strap-hanger cost structures the MTA is now
putting into getting people to refill their old cards isn't it a
perfect time to also get rid of those ridiculous expiration dates?
I have a card with $50 but because it hit some random date, my $50 now
disappears. It's not like a carton of milk which can go bad, we're
talking about a piece of plastic which the tree huggers will tell you
probably won't disintegrate for a millennium
My issue is that the card in my wallet is fine, it still has a
completely intact magnetic stripe and except for the expiration date
would still works. looking at it and knowing how often I'd use it
now, I would think that it is probably usable for another six months
but who cares what I think. It's either a conscious decision from the
MTA to rob people of their hard earned money or it's a completely
idiotic design flaw
Ever notice they don't add an expiration date to dollar bills?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Take in men in tights

There really is no reason a heterosexual man should ever leave the
house wearing full length spandex but apparently half of the upper
east side if NYC didn't get that memo because I sae more buldge than
anybody should walking around Central Park the other day. Dudes can
wear sweats, jogging pants, shorts or even jeans for all I care when
they go for a job around the park but should never ever be caught dead
in tights

Why a dude want to have pants on that basically shove his sack up to
his five hole is beyond me Not only can that just not be
comfortable, you look like a total dork doing it. If I had a son I'd
teach him three rules: dudes should never sit while the pee, shave
their pubes or ever wear any form of stretch pants.

The good news is that there will be a inevitable form of natural
selection because of this, so hopefully this look only lasts a single

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Take on the used and abused undershirts

When I was in my early thirties, it seemed I had a wedding every other
weekend. What these weekends usually entailed was anywhere between
$300 and $2000 in expenses depending if it was local of a destination
wedding, a miserable hangover and for the weddings of my closest
friends (and a few who I am not that close with) a ripped Haynes
I am 37 now and don't have any weddings coming up where I envision
needing an old v-neck for a revival of the totally embarrassing JBJ
experience which leaves me with a major dilemma....what am I going to
do with these yellow tainted undershirts I have piled up?
Donating them seems sort of rude, throwing then away seems a bit like
a waste and keeping them is sort of gross as they are riddled with
holes and stink

So I have decided to do what any seasoned traveller would. I have
collected them all and plan to bring them with me to China next month
and dump them after wearing then. This will mean my suitcase will
get lighter everyday which on a 9 day trip with 5 different hotels
seems like a fantastic way to travel sensibly. It will also allow
me to answer my long standing dilemma of having no idea what to do
with my sweaty gym shirt along the route because keeping it in a
plastic bag for three days is a recipe for mold

The only issue could be that these shirts have seen their better day
and u have already admitted they have that ingrained sweat
stench.....but don't forget I'm going to China, so it might be an

Friday, March 8, 2013

take on the personal grooming on public transit

there aren't too many things I find more disgusting than when I see somebody grooming on public transit and it's time these people get called out for being the foul animals they are.     I don't know if it because the subways and buses are seen as moving garbage dumps but what possesses somebody from using them as the place for picking their teeth or cutting their nails is beyond me.  The thing is that this is the kind of activity which really seems to be concentrated on one specific social and ethnic group (I'll let you decide who I mean but they include the same kind of people who find it acceptable to spit on the street on Mott street) but it's not limited to them.    I see trashy white chicks do it, fat Puerto Rican's are frequent culprits, toga wearing middle easterners,  black women and all south-east Asians can be fingered too and or homeless people this might actually be step up in terms of class...but most of the time when you get a piece of tooth gunk on your shirt, I'd venture to guess it happened somewhere on the D train before you get into Brooklyn

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Take on the foreign visa part 2

I guess one day of bitching wasn't enough because standing on line at
the Chinese Consulate is really hell and it gives you a lot of time to
complain. Between the endless lines and the ridiculously rude and
pushy people, it's a wonder anybody ever visits the country but even
that isn't my complaint

How the hell do countries get away with basically charging $150 for a
visa? With what is essentially an entrance fee, going to China has
become like going to Disney World without the big doofy mouse, with
worse food and a just a bit more smog
But what really got me was that I was getting visa's for two travelers
and paid radically different prices

EU passport $45
US passport $146

I get that this is a big F-U to the US because we make it difficult
for their citizens to come over here but to charge three times what
you would charge a European is ludicrous

I'd say I'd stop buying anything made in China as a protest but I'd
only biting of my nose to spite my face.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Take on the foreign visa

As I stand on the line at the Chinese Consulate, something just hit me
like a case of bad shrimp. I get to the front of the line after
standing there for a good hour and have to explain the concept of the
Western calendar to the girl working on the desk. She kept telling me
that I could not get a 12 month visa since my passport would expire
before that. I explained that since today was March 6th and my
passport was valid until the end of April 2014, that this was not much
of an issue. She finally relented after my impromptu class of western
calendar 101 but it just shows again how frustrating this entire
process of getting a visa is. Gotta love the barriers countries throw
up to prevent you from visiting there. And don't even get me started
about the $150 fee they jam you with

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take on the intense nose blow

My life is Terrible

I have so many random ailments but the worst one seems to be the one I
have the least control over

Usually when you blow your nose most people's biggest fear is getting
snot all over their shirt but that isn't my issue. My issue is that
I blew my nose so hard yesterday that I think I inadvertently shifted
a tooth over and I've been dealing with this intense headache ever
The bad thing is that this headache is like caffeine withdrawal
except you can't have cup of coffee to make you feel any better...but
what is worse is that I am afraid I have to go to the dentist to get
my teeth set straight again

Monday, March 4, 2013

Take on Doggie Day Care

There are a few things in this world which really seem like white
person's problem like the new Maroon 5 CD being delayed, Whole Foods
being sold out of organic apples and stressing to get your dog the
best day-care. It's pretty obvious that people have too much money
which is pretty obvious when you see these ads for Doggie Day Care.
I cannot imagine a Chinese person spending their hard earned money on
something as dumb as doggie daycare. I get needing to make sure that
Sparky doesn't chew up your couch but you can send the mutt for
obedience school or lock him in a mud-room or basement. If you really
are concerned about the pooch being lonely then get another dog but I
cannot imagine spending my hard earned money to drop $100 a day for a
group of doggie teammates for beating your dog off every workday

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Take on the minimum CC amount

There is no worse feeling than when I walk into a store and realize I
have no cash. It's not that I am addicted to cash, it is that I
despise these minimum credit card amounts. Last week at the
bagel-shop I got a coffee and a bagel and left with two seltzer
waters, a pack of gun and a kinish. I like seltzer and gun and
everything but definitely didn't go in expecting to spend $10 on
breakfast which exactly what happens when you are stuck with these

I get that these stores are charged something from the evil
merchant-service people and from what I understand these minimum CC
charges was part of the fine print in the Dodd-Frank Bill as a
giveback to business.

But maybe instead of turning my $3 into a ten-spot they can charge me
whatever the CC company charges them ($0.25 I guess) for the service
of using a card and letting me decide whether I want to pay the
surcharge or instead buy a bunch of crap I didn't want

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Take on the modern kid's lunch

As I was preparing my daughter's lunch yesterday, it hit me how much
times have changed

In her BPA free lunch container, I packed a hormone-free, nitrite and
nitrate free, oven roasted cage free honey turkey sandwich with
artisan cheese topped with humus on a seven grain whole wheat roll. I
put an organic white-grape juice with no added sugar box packed in
recycled cardboard in her lunch box and then added an organic apple
and packed some roasted seaweed for her snack.

I used to walk out of my house with a bologna and mayo sandwich with a
Hi-C... Times have changed

Friday, March 1, 2013

take on Miss Delaware

When I read that Melissa King, Miss Teen Delaware had abdicated her throne after it was revealed that she may or may not have starred in a porn I had an obligation to the TOR universe to investigate.   Of course my first course of action involved a little detective work because anybody who frequents the tube sites knows that ones labeled "teens" feel like a tremendous trap.   I was able to confirm that she was 18 at the time and then the hard work started.

Our review (of the first 4 or 5 minutes of the video)
This has to be one of the least inspired first attempts at breaking into the adult film business of all time, her indifference makes Paris Hilton come across as an 18 year old Samantha Fox .  I can proudly claim to have seen Fox's first move into this genre and it was much  nothing like Melissa King's which felt as sexual as a trip to Target.   

Our review of the final 7-8 minutes
I cannot believe that Duke had the court stormed on them again, Coach K looked like he was about to beat somebody with his unit when he was done trying to get out of that war-zone.   I'm all for a big celebration after a big college victory but I swear some drunk 18 year old  is going to get decked at one of these things shortly and all of a sudden a McDonald's All-American will be serving time

We digress... anyway we feel that it might be time for TOR to give new aspiring actresses some help when it comes to their first venture into this for of art.

We don't care if you aren't really into it, but don't make it obvious.   There is nothing that is a bigger turn-off than when we see you turn your head off camera to look at something (think Marco Rubio with fake D's and not wearing pants)..   We need some commentary from you.. you know the standard fare "it's so big"  "I'm so wet" etc.   We need a few grunts and at least 4 or 5 moans per minute so that our fantasy doesn't feel like it's happening in a acoustic bubble.    We need at least four positions, we need you to make eye-contact, we need you to be well groomed (and bleached), we need your hair-pulled, we need less him and more you, we need you to look like you've been stuck in a dessert for a month when you a slurping on his dong, we need you to look like you've been stuck in a dessert alone for a year when he's crunching down on your beaver and we need you to ride him backwards and forwards so we can see both angles.  We need a bit of a story-line and it's gotta be somewhat believable, we need decent lighting because nothing looks worse than something that looks like my basement as a kid.   We need you to take it like it will determine if you live or die (think Hunger Games)  and please God we need it raw.. nothing worse than shaking hands with gloves on.