Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Take on the Koch brothers' Rubibot

We have been saying for months that Rubio is a robot sent from the Koch headquarters to win the election and allow them to control the course of the United States for the next decade.   Rubibot is perfect, he has the pedigree, the good looks, the beautiful family, the hot wife, the immigrant story (but not too immigrant-y), the meteoric rise through Florida politics, the mentor (Jeb!) who he has surpassed but as the election wore on the programmers have had their continued issue coming up with enough.  For all the A.I. they tired to program into the Rubibot, they just can't add enough memory, so every night back at the Koch-cave they have to remove some and add some new ones the problem is that  Rubibot cannot return to the Koch-cave every night as he is campaigning in Iowa or New Hampshire, so there are days he has to run on auto-pilot and with the 24/7 media cycle (and a fat man from NJ) he has been exposed.  

Early on he would answer every question with "my father was a janitor and my mother was a maid". Then he went to "Hillary Rodham Clinton in completely disqualified for being president of the United States of America" and now he does the "let's dispel the myth that Barack Obama does not know what he is doing, he knows exactly what he is doing"

The last line is one they programmed specifically to help Rubibot overcome his one main deficiency, his own lack of experience.   By spewing that Obama, with very little experience, was able to shape policy, it implies that Rubibot another first term senator with very little in terms of pushed legislation, too can shape policy. 

There are only a few people aware of the Rubibot and the Koch laboratories, but TOR has been working hard to expose it for you. 

The only way you would know, other than opening up the latch in his back, are those big ears which are the transistors.  His only downfall is that every once in a while Rubibot becomes over heated and he needs to add water and it becomes like a crisis level ticking time bomb.  When he cannot immediately cool down his processors he falls into a endless computer loop.  

He is a walking Small Wonder

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