Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Take on Jeb!

Jeb Bush spent $36million dollars in New Hampshire and all he got for his troubles was a 4th place and was once again shown up by the Big Bully when Trump trumped his speech by jumping in exactly 39 seconds after Jeb! started which meant that every news channel flipped to Trump's speech leaving poor Jeb! to beg for applause.

But what is more amazing is how inept Jeb! has been at campaigning, the only thin more amazing is how masterful he has been in fundraising.

Jeb spent $1150 per vote he received in the Granite State..that is absolutely nuts, he would have been better off directly giving people money, I bet $500 per vote could have gotten him at least the same results he got.

For a point of reference, Cruz spent only $18 per vote and spent about 5 minutes in New Hampshire, Trump spent $40 per vote which isn't a fair comparison because he gets so much free air-time and publicity but even the other "establishment" candidates spent significantly less than Jeb!!

Here is the rundown
Jeb! $1150 per vote
Christie. $850 per vote
Rubibot. $425 per vote
Kasich. $225 per vote
Fiorina. $100 per vote
Carson. $75 per vote
Trump. $40 per vote
Cruz. $18 per vote
Gilmore. Undefined value, does not compute

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