Thursday, February 11, 2016

Take on the American Disabilities Act

My mother always told me not to laugh at kids with disabilities whether they were in wheelchairs, had vision problems or were Mets fans and I have fought my entire life for their rights. Ok, to be honest I have not fought for their rights but I do believe they should be afforded every opportunity, treated fairly and some accommodations given to knock down some barricades. The problem is that so often the American Disabilities Act is misdirected and undo burden is put onto both private and public life

My sister's NYC school had to renovate all their bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs which is a great thing, except she is in a four story walk up building, including the front steps...can somebody explain this?

So if that is not a prime example of tone-death action to broad legislation, let me give you another one

I am getting more than a little annoyed by all these low urinals I see everywhere. I am a 6'2" which means that every renovated bathroom has a urinal that starts at my knees. So now I am pissing down in a troth which leads to all kinds of additional back splash which means my pants a knee level are covered in piss.

If I had a garden hose like some of my more well endowed buddies (private message me if you want their numbers ladies) then this might not be a major issue but I am a very average white dude in every respect.

The issue is that just this week I was made aware that these vertically challenged toilets are now so low that people are literally pissing on the top of them, right where the fucking handle is. I don't even think this is the kind of thing you have to blame Yao Ming for as they are made for a ridiculous low level. Take some 6'5" dude who is hung like a small child and you can have this issue, although it doesn't excuse the foul behavior

I really hate people.


Christopher Frank said...

Be thankful I cropped my dong out of this pic.

Christopher Frank said...

And, no, I was NOT the high pisser here.

Baby Stu said...

Your knees aren't COVERED in piss. They just get a little spickle-spackle is all.
Welcome to America.