Saturday, August 30, 2008

You got to be kidding me

The Knicks acquired Ewing from the Houston Rockets for the draft rights to French center Frederic Weis, the Knicks' 1999 first-round pick who has yet to play in the NBA. Ewing was drafted in the second round by the Sacramento Kings two months ago before being traded to the Rockets in the deal that sent Ron Artest to Houston. Coincidentally, the Knicks passed over Artest nine years ago to draft Weis with the 15th pick in a much-criticized move.

Are you kidding me.. the Knicks still have the rights to Freddy Weis???

McCain doing some im-palin in his dreams

I knew it was an interesting choice when McCain pegged Sarah Palin to be the first Beauty Queen turned VP contender but didn't even realize how hot this chick is.  Just Google Imagine Palin or "hot Librarian" and you'll get the same set of pictures..

Even McCain seems to have gotten an extra bit of pep-in-his-step.

Just look at the way McCain stares at her in this NY Times picture.. He may have spent 5 years at the Hanoi Hilton but this picture tells you he wouldn't mind spending 5 minutes with her at the SleepEasy Motel out in Dayton Ohio, or turn the Straight Talk Express into the Bus of the Pleasure for just a few minutes..  We know he's got something for hot younger women (see Cindy McCain) and adding Palin to the ticket will prove his vitality..

I bet we get some "leaked word" about McCain NOT needing Viagra in the next few weeks. 

The picture you are seeing from her Miss Washington days has been this one

although she does look like she should be wearing leg-warmers and green tights.

Did hear a funny call last night "Obama sounds exactly like The Rock.. Same voice, same speech pattern, same word nuance.", absolutely great call.

How do you women do it?

Running 18 miles the other day, I was reminded about the biggest downfall of Marathon training.. Not the stiff-legs, not the sore feet, not the tight back but rather the biggest hurdle is something that would not imagine would be something I'd ever have to worry about.

Now this doesn't seem to be a big problem for shorter runs but get me to run for 2 to 3 hours wearing one of those synthetic cotton dry-weave synthetic shirts and all of a sudden I face the most excruciating pain you can imagine. The first time I finished a 2 hour run I looked down to see a trail of blood trickle down the front of my shirt.

My name is Righetti and I suffer from bloody nipples. They aren't caused by rough sexy time but instead caused by the irritation of 2 hours of nipple chaffing. The sweat from the run seeps into the cuts causing intense pain, so for days after a long run I have to walk around pulling my shirt away from my skin because any impact seems to trigger the pain.
Now to try avoid it I'm forced to wear the equivalent of stripper pasties, shit if it worked I'd consider wearing a sports-bra.

deflated shoe,deflated spirit

I am walking downtown last week and all of a sudden I feel a weird splat at the heel of my shoe..  It wasn't the kind of splat which indicates you stepped in dog-doo but instead it felt like was what I would have expected 20 years ago when in the 6th grade some jackass convinced me to pop the air-bubble in my $80 Nike Airs.   When I popped the the bubble in my Nike's the only thing that happened was that it made a hissing sound, I got no additional comfort, padding or bounce.  I did though ruin the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned.

Well fast forward to last week as I walk downtown when all of a sudden I feel this sensation which I cannot describe any better than walking down the street and all of a sudden my shoe deflates.

I look down at the Steve Madden shoes on my feet and look at the heel which has completely collapsed.. This wasn't like a small heel crack, but basically the entire sole of my shitty shoe looked like one of those cakes you take out of the oven too early.  There was a huge gaping hole where you could basically poke a snicker bar through. So here I am walking, afraid that if I step into a shitty puddle my shitty sock will be shitty, and with every shitty step it makes this hissing sound like I got the shits

I do a bit of bitching to some friends because I've only owned these shoes for about 6 months and one of 'em tells me that I probably put too much wear on them.  Basically I'm told that Steve Madden shoes are not supposed to be worn all the time.   Just my god-damn luck, I get the Phil Hughes of shoes..

I do have a suggestion for NIKE and their air-bubble.  How about this as a marketing gimmick, the offer the next generation..   Instead of air in the bubble, they fill each one with a bit of helium and convince a bunch of unathletic suburban white kids that this little bit of extra oompf will get them closer to playing above the rim.

I need to be paid for ideas like this

Friday, August 29, 2008

Some stripper just ran over Obama's speech

John McCain has chosen Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his vice-presidential candidate on the Republican ticket for the White House and honestly color me shocked.  Poor Lieberman, he has thrown his entire career out the window and now he is stuck playing life-long surrogate getting sent off to Georgia and not to see the BullDogs.

She does give McCain an answer to Obama as she is young with no real experience after Obama tried to answer McCain by going with a grumpy old white Senator.  Gotta love the fact that both presidential nominee took a running mates with state populations just below the amount of people who typically go to the Daytona 500.

The fact that nobody knows anything about this broad reminds me of when Ross Perot took that bumbling old guy who kept losing his glasses.   I wonder if anybody could pick her out of a lineup, although she does have that hot-secretary stripper look to her.

I guess this will help him shore-up the both the Woman and the Alaskan vote.   What do you think she thinks of the drill now- drill deep, drill-here position of McCain, especially cause it will involve drilling in her home state of Alaska.. 

She's kinda hot so I just like to think of her and drilling in the same sentence.

Imus kepts asking when the white-smoke would rise above Denver last night.  Kind of interesting to see  Obama infront of those Roman columns last night, seemed like the campaign wanted to turn Senator Jesus into Senator Zeus yesterday and not the dude with the weird eye from No Holds Barred.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Green in Gang Green doesn't stand for the Environment

(you better hope the Jets wrap up before they bend you over)

So the Jets announced their long expected PSLs this week and unlike the Giants, they decided to only bend over a portion of their fans.. That sounds good until you realize that the ones that are going to get banged are the guys with the seats in the lower bowl which probably means they have been the longest ticket holders.

This is a typical Democrat plan, give the bottom half free health insurance and put it on the backs of the top half except in this case the top half can't afford it anymore than the bottom half.

The guys that are getting it are getting it worse than the fans with exactly the same seats for the Giants which will absolutely force lifelong season ticket holders to give up these seats which will then go to corporations. So you are going to sit in 3 hours of traffic, staring at that eye-sore called the Xanadu Center but I did read that these guys in the best seats will get free (no-alcoholic) drinks, here is $50,000 thanks for the free Pepsi.

The Jets promise their fans that they will no longer feel like 2nd class citizens, they tell you the new stadium will feel like a Jets Stadium but this PSL bull will all be assure you that it will feel like BankOfAmerica-MorganStanley-Goldman Sachs Park.

Surprise Here's Obama

The Obama "surprise" appearance was spoiled just SLIGHTLY by the MSNBC crew. These idiots can never let the moment be, they have to hear themselves talk.

Reminds me of when 880 broke into commercials between innings of their Yankee Broadcast to announce Roger Clemens was coming back and going to address the crowd. "oh My goodness Gracious"

Keith Olberman = John Sterling

Chris Matthews = Michael Kay

Rachel Maddow = Suzyn Waldman

Chuck Todd = Brian Fergunson

Too bad the Yankee broadcast doesn't have somebody as hot as Nora O'Donnell

Couple of notes

The handoff from Biden to Obama was terribly staged, not only did the news stations jump the headline, the entire thing felt contrived and phony. It took way too long for him to come out on the stage, poor Biden was standing there like a circus monkey. But most importantly why would the DNC take away from his 75,000 person address tonight by having him come out for 3 minutes last night?

Although maybe he was trying to score some points with the ladies...
Not sure but did Obama kiss Biden's wife on the lips?
Plus did you see the way that Nancy Pelosi hugged Obama? I think she had the back leg up and everything.

I thought Biden might have a heart attack in the middle of his acceptance speech, or at least rip off the mask to reveal Howard Dean. Not a very smooth delivery out of him, but I guess Biden's auditory speech ability is NOT what brought him to this ticket.... right?

Problem with many of these politicians is that they don't have the ability to be forceful without screaming. Most people aren't blessed with a great set of pipes like Bill, Obama and John Sterling, but the guys that don't have this ability (Biden, Hillary, Michael Kay) would do us all a lot of good by not just screaming when they are trying to intense. Biden comes across as an absolute psychopath.

How do like to be Bill Richardson, first you throw Bubba and Hil under the bus in hopes of getting the VP slot, then you find out a guy with fake hair and teeth got it instead and then the DNC bumps you from your prime time speech.... Oof

Michelle Obama has got to stop wearing turquoise colors, between those colors and that huge forehead she looks like a billboard for an aquarium.

For all the accolades MSNBC threw at Bill "Mike Shannahan" Clinton, I thought he did not come across as very genuine. He seemed annoyed at the reception he got, he never gave you ONE reason why Obama was actually "Ready To Lead"

Other than the fact that Bill was also young in '92. I for one did not think that speech helped Obama much cause it upstaged Biden but wasn't all that helpful either.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mile High Miracles?

Will be interesting to see which Bill we get tonight, the red-faced finger wagging one or the fall-in-line for the DNC ex-president. I'm guessing more of the first than the latter. It is interesting to note that Bill Clinton will skip Obama's acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium, you know that Bubba sees this thing as if he were Mike Shannahan and can easily put in any presidential candidate behind that offensive line to rack up 1000 yards.

Any news on that Pastor who was asking for his followers to pray for rain? The weather forecast in Denver tomorrow night looks like sunny and the 70's although can't you just imagine Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Grahman glying in a blimp overhead dumping buckets of water on the stadium.

Apparently Hillary didn't get the message about PantSuits.. I put a lot of work into this for the benefit of women like Hillary and I would appreciate if people could pay some attention.

It looks like she ate Bill and then vomitted all over herself.. The only thing worse than this was the version with the blue and black background from earlier in the week. With that color combination she looks like she is trying out as the new version of the Syracuse Orange

Chelsea on the other hand has gotten to be quite the hotty.

Talking about badly dressed women, the LPGA is requiring all their players to speak English, they should at the same time require about 95% of the male players to drop about 50 pounds.. I have to wonder who would win in a wet t-shit contest.. those non English speaking LPGA Korean chicks or the PGA collection of man-boobs?

Instant Replay hits MLB tomorrow, nothing like jamming a new rule down everybody's throat. Baseball has been played without replay for 100 years but all of a sudden it HAS to be implemented immediately. Any chance we can get a replay of the tractor trailer which just ran right over the Yankee season?

Today we bring out a new feature which we'll try to offer on a regular basis, it's called the Relief Bitcher.. Today we bring in the tall righty, #44 Zeke

"A topic to discuss is the continued existence of and
what will the new version of this be? there already is

This is quite possibly the dumbest idea of all time. I'm a democrat but i'm going to vote for a republican because my democrat lost to another democrat. it's like going to an ice cream shop and saying "i hate chocolate. they ran out of vanilla and only have french vanilla. this is outrageous. i can't believe they don't have vanilla, i'm getting the chocolate."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What the heck is up with Michele Obama's mother's hat?

The podium that the DNC speakers stand in front of made Michelle Obama look like she was a contestant on Jeopardy.. Alex Ill take "nice dress with ugly broach" for $300 please.

When I heard "Michele knocks this one out of the park" I thought I was listening to John Sterling when instead it was Keith Olberman who started ranting and raving.  Almost expected him to go into the "It is High, It is Far, It is GONNNNNNE" thing

Nice to see Obama hanging out with some family in Kansas City although when they panned out it looked an awful lot like a hostage video. You knew that his kidnappers were not happy when he says "I'm here in St. Louis"
Then again one of the guys they arrested for the attempted assasination plot in suburban Denver looked like Cletus the hick on the Simpsons.
Not sure if the DNC let a single normal looking dude other than maybe Joe Biden into the Michelle Obama speech. I guess being a vice presidential nominee has its perks, not only are you the only dude who doesn't look like he should be commited to a mental institution but for the first time in your life you finally got your hands on some decent suits..


What you gotta love about this convention is that there isn't a politician of note in the audience on day one and the presenters are trying to push a populous message about how difficult the average American is havin it and they are speaking in front of an auditorium of delegates what looks like they are tailgating with Hoggetts outside of a Redskins game.

Monday, August 25, 2008

You know what I hate?

As regular readers to TakeOnRighetti will tell you…the answer is many things.

But to give you a small sampling:
BUT I just remembered another one...people who decide they need to take a golf umbrella out on the street of Manhattan when there is a drizzle out. "Hey Jackass you're not at Augusta, you near poked my eye with those bicycle spokes coming out of that thing!!!"

Yeah I get it, you don't want to get your crappy shirt wet but do you really need something the size of the thing they use to cover center-court at Arthur Ashe stadium?
Not only is this an invasion of private space (in a city where there is little of this to begin with) it is that when some idiot pops one of these open they lose all ability to properly walk on a crowded street. It's like the jackass who can't parallel park his SUV truck, if you can't operate the machinery you shouldn't be allowed to use it.

Like McCain's Cone of Silence, these beach umbrella's seem to act as a Cone of Stupidity
It is actually appropriate that these idiots prance around under a thing that looks like a circus tent because they maybe at some point they can get somebody to pay money to see these mental patients walk the street de-eyeing people.
The same ahole that carries one of these things is usually the same person who decide they need knee high rain-boots and a yellow rain-suit, You could just round these guys up and throw them right into the mental hospital at Ward's Island, although people might think it's Cirque de Soleil.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Great Wall of information

So at what point did Michael Strahan's cell phone start ringing today? The gap-toothed one played at a high level last year without the benefit of training camp, no reason to think he couldn't do it again this year.

You just know Carl Pavano will pitch just well enough to convince Brian Cashman to throw another $20 million for 2 years at him.

There literally isn't one rhythmic gymnasts in the top 10 who is not part of the old Soviet Bloc. Maybe Putin's real goal is to make sure the Ruskies sweep in London in 2012?

I'm sure this won't be the manliest statement I've ever made but an Olympic event I never would have thought I would like was synchronized swimming. This is like Cirque de Soleil in the water although watching 6 different teams was a bit much. I would like to see a synchronized eating event. A bunch of biker dudes tossing pork bellies over a grass hedge and catching it blindfolded with their mouths

Saw a restaurant today on Bleeker called New York HotDog’s and Coffee. This is the kind of combination I’m into. Who doesn’t like to wash down a chili cheese dog with a double mocha cappuccino?

Now I'm a huge fan of lesbians especially ones who don't like to wear brassiers but is there any chance Lindsay Lohan could at least help my fantasies by dating a chick who is at least slightly attractive?

Enough of not complaining.. now it is time for some complaining
Had this conversation with the Lad yesterday, tapas with a big crowd might be the worst idea ever.. First of all you wind up spending $50 a person and you find yourself at the pizzeria down the street 20 minutes after you walk out of the restaurant. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that each individual tapa costs about $16 that you are under the false belief that two of these things should fill you up.

But more importantly you wind up sharing everything, which is the biggest issue I have with this. Everybody loves the idea of trying many different things but because everybody wants diversity nobody winds up doubling up on any specific item. This basically leads to a table filled with a ton of items that nobody is really into. So the bad news for you is that you get on small piece of the spicy strip-steak you ordered but the good news is that you can try to fill up between the bland potato cakes and the tomato and sardine mix. Three quarters of the items on the menu seem to have been added solely so you can have some inane dinner conversation about how interesting the combination of green peppers and turkey ham sounds. The food comes out and everybody dives into the garlic shrimp while the bowl of broccoli with Velveeda cheese sits there getting about as much attention as Evan Bayh will get for the rest of his life. Because you feel bad for hammering any of the individual items, you very quickly recognize that along with heartburn you will be left completely unsatisfied.

Of course I was the clown who suggested we all go for Tapas in the first place.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Bayhdin

The AP breaks the Biden story at 11:52pm, probably a good 12 hours before those text messages were supposed to go out and I'm left to wonder if Evan Bayh's kids even recognize him anymore.

Watching MSNBC as they stalked Biden's house for him to come out of it to NOT make a statement. There must have been 500 Delawarians standing in front of his house in tapered jeans or shuffleboard shorts and Nascar shirts.. This is apparantly the constituency that Biden can bring to the ticket??

what the hell is wrong with people?

BEIJING - A Cuban taekwondo athlete and his coach were banned for life after Angel Matos kicked the referee in the face following his bronze-medal match disqualification.
Matos was winning 3-2, with 1:02 in the second round, when he fell to the mat after being hit by his opponent, Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov. He was sitting there, awaiting medical attention, when he was disqualified for taking too much injury time. Fighters get one minute, and Matos was disqualified when his time ran out.

Send this dipsh*t back to Cuba in a raft from some port in Beijing.

BEIJING, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw down his greco-roman bronze medal in protest on Thursday after his bid for Olympic gold was ended by a decision denounced by the Swedish coach as “politics.”
Abrahamian took the bronze from around his neck during the medal ceremony, stepped from the podium and dropped it in the middle of the wrestling mat then walked off.
“I don’t care about this medal. I wanted gold,” he said.
A bitter Abrahamian, silver medalist at Athens 2004 who had high hopes of top honors in the 84kg competition in Beijing, announced he was quitting the sport.
“This will be my last match. I wanted to take gold, so I consider this Olympics a failure,” he said.
The Swedish wrestler had to be restrained by teammates earlier when a row erupted with judges over the decision in a semifinal bout at the Chinese Agricultural University Gym with Andrea Minguzzi of Italy, who went on the take gold.
Abrahamian shouted at the referee and judges then went over to their seats to speak to them up close. He angrily threw off the restraining arm of a team official then turned and left.

What do you expect out of sport where the referee's back is always turned when Bobby the Brain comes in with a metal chair.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I keep checking my text message for some word...

How would you like getting a call from the chick you've been after to tell you that she is going to the 8th grade dance with some other douche-bag? This is probably what is going through a couple of guys heads right now as Obama calls them that he's made up his mind and he's not going with them..

David Brooks is calling for him to take Joe Biden, which I'm all in favor of because I do like how it constasts prefectly with Stretch; one will talk for hours without ever saying anything while the other other has made a career a career of shoving his foot so far in his mouth that he can kick himself in the ass. If Obama is going to be president we need somebody to keep us entertained. It was like when Dole lost to Clinton in 1996, Conan O'Brien lost his best piece of material.

So if McCain does win the election, he'll have to remember yet another house of his.
If I ever can't remember how many houses I own, don't wake me up.
What I've noticed about beach volleyball is that the chicks hug after each point, but the guys hardly even look at each other.. I'm not complaining by the way
My buddy OC Zed makes the best call "The men's beach volleyball tandem of Dalhausser & Rogers look like they should be working at Office Max"

As you have read in the blog from earlier about The State of Sports Radio in New York there really isn't anything worthy going on in the sports-talk arena. The talent level is low and the material has just gotten stale. The entire market needs some new blood, some strong opinions, some guys not afraid to get dirty and willing to start some fires.
I give you Tiki Barber who allegedly called his female co-host a "gold medal c*nt" on the air yesterday. This is the kind of fire we need out of Kellerman and Kenny.

Sadly a bunch of NFL players were probably not that sad about Gene Upshaw's passing.. Not for anything personal but for the way that the Union got manhandled by the owners for the last 2 decades.

FASHION TIP#2. Ladies if you hip size is 10 points larger than. your bust size you should NOT wear pant-suits. When you wear one of those bright colored ones you look like a Thanksgiving day float. The jacket never fits right, your legs look like tree stumps and your ass looks like a cartoon characters foot after an anvil has fallen on it.

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Taking on NY Sports Talk

The State of New York Sportstalk.

With the breakup off Mike and the Dog as the culmination, I’m sad to report we have entered the dark-ages of NY Sportstalk. Now we aren’t at the level of Chicago sportstalk yet (Mark, Harry and Yvor on ESPN1000 is the worst thing I have ever heard) but it is getting close. There aren’t enough good voices, not enough conflicting opinions and too many homers on the NY airwaves. Right now there is not a single “must listen to” sports talk show in New York and coming from a guy who use to fall asleep to WFAN, wake up to it in the morning and literally would not walk out of my office without having my walkman pinned to my ear-drum.
Today I can honestly go days without listening anymore.

WFAN mornings
Boomer and Carton
Although it wasn't sports-talk they took some great real-estate held by Imus for about 20 years and took it from a rip-roaring time-slot to something which is absolutely brutal. Nothing whatsoever could get me to listen to this show. Boomer is a pompous fat-head and Cartoon is a clown. Intolerable

ESPN Radio mornings
Mike and Mike.
Great concept and great show when you get two mikes (or three when the Coach joins ‘em) but this show has WAY too many commercials and there are way too many times you have a crappy guest host (read Eric Kuselias). Greenberg and Golic have something great together but break ‘em up it's like watching Dan Le Batard and JA Adande hosting PTI..

Benigno and Roberts
When you sit down and listen you know you are basically going to get Mets Talk for 3 hours, which in itself is boring. They over-analyze every move that Manuel makes but somehow they are not insightful. They do touch other subjects but nobody cares about the Nets and after about a year of this experiment I think it is obvious that bringing Evan Roberts in with Benigno is neutering the best on-air personality WFAN has left. Joe’s show was great solo overnights, good when tagged up with Sid and almost dreadful with Roberts. Now I’m not totally against Roberts, I think he’s got a couple of interesting things with it but I’m just not sure he brings the best out of Joe. Truly the best thing they could do is split them up and bring in Rich Eisen to work with Joe. You’d at least get some good NFL talk out of it. Benigno is in that tier of guy who might be getting a bit too much exposure now also with his SNY stuff.

MidDay ESPN Radio
Kellerman and Kenny
This show is basically Yankee talk for 2 hours and I am a Yankee fan and these guys make me want to kill myself

WFAN Afternoon Drive
Mike Francesa
The Sports Pope is still the closest thing to a must listen. After 19 years it is very apparent that he worked best when he would go back and forth with MadDog and either argue or just talk with each other. They were never good with callers, they were very up-and-down with guests but their interaction with each other made for great radio.
In the big picture Francesa works best with some kind of partner. From what he says it doesn’t sound like they will do that as he will fly solo for the next 5 years but I can now see them bringing in a second tier guy (a Brandon Tierney type to his Stephen A. Smith) who will allow them to have some good back-and-forth. Maybe they make that Chris Carlin (who I like but really doesn’t need any more airtime), or otherwise some national guys to do more frequent spots with him..

ESPN Radio Afternoon Drive
Michael Kay
Absolutely un-listenable

Evenings WFAN
Steve Summers
Terrible, just terrible

Evenings ESPN
Brandon Tierney
Now I've come a little late to the BT show because I've always been such an WFAN junky but I think the most talented young guy in New York. He mixes it up, can talk sports and is not afraid to dabble a little bit in modern-culture. Great show, good voice and WFAN would be wise to make a real stab at this guy.

Overnights WFAN
Tony Paige and/or Mark Malusis
Paige can talk some boxing but has no strong opinions on anything else, Malusis is better on the other side of the glass

Overnight ESPN
Up All Night with Jason Smith
I love this show although it is nationally syndicated. The dude is a Jet fan which is enough for me but he is also very entertaining and does a very steady show

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who is the Athlete?

Now we come to this.. How the hell is equestrian jumping an Olympic sport?

Yeah I read all about how this is a very dangerous sport and their are more deaths per race than in stock-car racing but really any competition where the dude sits on a horse wearing a silly black helmet and corduroys and jumping over some trimmed bushes is not Olympic medal worthy.
More importantly who gets the medal? The jockey or the horse?
If they claim it's the Jockey than how do you explain horse racing where they say the horse is the athlete (see ESPN ranking Secretariat in the top 25 athletes of all time). Maybe the Equestrian Jumping community tries to hedge their bests and award both the medal? Even if this was the case I still would have a major issue with this as an Olympic jar because how the hell does the horse prove its citizenship?
What is next, they bring the dogs to the Olympics to have them run their little obstacle course?

Coolest Olympic moment was surprisingly one that didn't have Michael Phelps or not in a swimming event but when some 321 pound Magnús Ver Magnússon looking weight lifter put 569 pounds over his head to win gold and then broke down in tears. It was awesome to see somebody put that much weight over his head but what got you was when he was presented the gold medal he held it in his right hand and a picture of an young woman in his other. Picture was of his wife who died in a car crash last year.

By the way, saw that the Mets signed pitcher Al Reyes.
How many Reyes' can one team have? Maybe the name is like the Dominican version of Kim.

Is there a better name for the fastest man than Bolt?

Watched the Misty May and Other Chick beach volleyball yesterday, it is amazing with this new scoring how quickly those games finish. I'm not talking about the speed of the serves but about the length of the game. Not saying it is not a real sport but why do other serve and volley games that much longer?
Now I can appreciate any sport where two hot chicks stand around in bikinis but somehow I have to imagine that if you go to one of those matches and sit in the sun waiting for this thing to get started and it's over before you had a 2nd Miller Lite you'd be pissed. I think the gold medal match took all of 25 minutes including breaks and the scores were something like 21-18 and 21-18.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three's a Crowd

Great things come in threes: Stooges, Amigos, Company, threesomes, home-runs by Reggie Jackson in the '77 world series, but really there is one thing where the combo of three abuses our trust, faith and sense of human decency.

The Three Pack

How could something so good turn out to make you feel like you need a confession? As most of you have know, there is a certain level of dread when standing at a newsstand as you inspect the options and survey the lay of the land. You get excited when you find a bundle with Penthouse Letters on the top side and Forum on the other but what you realize is that this could be the worst kind of Trojan Horse. A thin layer of plastic wraps the three pack together to make it appear as one entity, but for only $9.99 you find the best of man squeezing together the worst of man. With the light turned down and music up, you tear away the cellophane and lay your eyes on the red headed step-child..

Inevitably a copy of Family Matters or All in the Family.

Why would you do this? Forget terrorism. Forget atheism, the fabric of our existence is most threatened by the three pack. In what culture is this deemed acceptable let alone decent? I would rather you cheat me by hiding Tiger Beat between the two than even tempt me with this!!
For the love of Christ and all that is decent and good, eliminate the three pack, so at least I can feel like a civilized human again.
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Just the Headlines

200,000 kids Spanked 
More than 200,000 children were spanked or paddled in U.S. schools during the past school year, human rights groups reported today. "Corporal punishment discourages learning, fails to deter future misbehavior and at times even provokes it," wrote Alice Farmer, the author of a joint report from Human Rights Watch and American Civil Liberties Union"

This definitely is not the kind of thing that you see in the prissy North East, just looking at the handy map that CNN provided the places where this is happening is almost exclusively south of the Mason Dixon line.
But really if those Southern Girls dress like Britney circa 1998 how can you blame 'em?

Associated Press
TOKYO -- Former New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a bartender after drinking 20 mugs of beer, a police official said.

Irabu, 39, became angered after his credit card was rejected. He then allegedly pushed the bartender against the wall, pulled his hair and smashed at least nine liquor bottles at a bar in Osaka, western Japan, a police official said on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.
The bartender sustained no injuries. Irabu paid the bill with another credit card.
The police official said Irabu admitted the assault.
When you spend $200 million on your payroll you can afford this bunch:
From Brien Taylor busting his hand in a bar fight, to Carl Pavano who was last seen doing 110 on some Florida highway with $40 million in tow, to the Big Unit shoving a camera man, Irabu pulling the hair of a bartender and fellow countrymen Kei Igawa who has a staring role playing the Yankee version of Kellen Clemens
Please shut up

MSNBC reports: "Lopez, who appeared on 'Good Morning America' Aug 18 to discuss her preparations for the Malibu Triathlon, was overheard saying after the segment that she 'couldn't understand why everyone is talking about that swimmer,' according to a GMA source. 'She couldn't come up with (eight-time gold-medal winner Michael) Phelps' name, and then she yammered on about how she was the one training for a triathlon just six months after giving birth, and how that was the big story right now, not 'the swimmer.'"

I have no comment what so ever.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I wish I was in a Cone of Silence

I wouldn't mind having one of those Silence Cones to keep out the noise of MSNBC blasting day and night.

Is it just me or does it seem like the Times issue more corrections for William Kristol than all it's other columnists combined? Read another one today..

I rank the columnists in the following order in terms of "must read"

1) Frank Rich- Well informed, well written by far the only "must read" collum every week.

2) Gail Collins- the Sportsguy of the Times OpEd page
3) David Brooks- Don't always agree with him but he is well thought out although watching him on TV does make you think that blinking secret messages in morse code to McCain

4) Maureen Dowd- brings the hate equally.

5) Thomas Friedman- the question is not how we break our dependence on foreign oil but rather how he breaks his dependence on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.   Interesting topics but always feels like he is lecturing you

6) Nicholas Kristof- get your humanitarian fix

7) William Kristol-wacky Bush shill

8) Bob Herbert- calm Obama shill

9) Paul Krugman- looks like Friedman tastest like Chicken

10) Roger Cohen- I don't remember ever reading anything he has ever written

Monday, August 18, 2008

Would you rather be the fastest man or an 8 gold medal winner?

Ryan Express asked me this over the weekend...
Problem with being the fastest man is that your world record will fall fairly quickly while 8 golds should hold up for a few decades.

Watching the gymnastics, my buddy Zeke wondered if he accidentally turned on the MSG network.

How much does Shawn Johnson look like the Robot from Small Wonder?

I would be nervous to win the 100 meter dash if those crazy Chinese fans are gonna be hugging me. Apparently you can't protest but you can easily grope athletes.

They should check those beef patties for HGH after those results in the 100 meter dashes?

Gotta love that Romanian woman taking about 5 victory laps after running 26.2 miles. She looked like she was gonna die at mile 21 but after the race seemed to have the energy to run another 2 miles.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Training with a Cup on.

I've been training for the marathon and just finished a half marathon as part of the training, pretty proud of myself finishing it in till I ran into a girl I went to High School with who says..

"Yeah, I don't ever run but went out the other day completely hung over and ran 13 miles in 1:30.." That is like a 7 minute mile.

Now it is possible that she did it but really not that likely, I am sure she either ran it in 130 minutes or only ran like 9 miles.. I don't wanna make a scene about it but what a kick in the nuts.

Little weak to see how little people were on the side cheering on the Olympic marathon, with 1 billion people, you'd think the Chinese government could throw out a couple thousand political prisoners to at least make it look like people care

Michael Phelps only seems to have one downfall.. His mom's jackets.

I really hate that they run the 100 meter dash which is the quintessential Olympic event at about 9am on a Saturday especially when I'm hung over...

Forget the athletic ability it takes to swim the 1500 meters, I am most impressed by the athletes ability to count to 30.

I got a twist for the swimming relay medley. Each team can decide which swim to do when they want.. One team might go breast stroke, freestyle, butterfly and then backstroke.. But another team counters by going backstroke first, breast stroke next,doggy paddle and then butterfly.

I'd love to see a diver whose out of medal contention to say screw it and just do a cannonball.

I did notice the Italian women have a major disadvantage with that drag on the armpit hair.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

9021 OHH

I hope the producers of the new Beverly Hills 90210 were smart enough to start the new cast as a set of 9th graders, so that they can give themselves a good 4 years of High School.. Whenever one of these shows tries to continue the show after graduation (see the original 90210 and Saved by the Bell) where all the friends basically go to the same college it is a recipe for cancellation. Or maybe it is just Kelly Kopowski.

I mean you are already going to have to accept that a bunch of 20 year olds actors are supposed to portray a bunch of 15 year old Freshman but to think that those kids can all go to the same college.. That's going too far.

Thinking about it, they better hope they don't have any of those Chinese officials who verify the age of their gymnast cause they'll likely say that those 20 year olds playing 15 year olds are really 25 year olds, now my head hurts.
Long story short, I am glad to see that they got some hot chicks who I won't feel like a pervert staring at.

I hear that a bunch of the original cast members (Jenny Garth, Jason Priestly, Jason Bateman, the dude who played Dylan etc) are back and in the 10 years since the last episode they have all become blue collar workers (teachers, ice cream shop guys etc).

Did come to a sad realization today when I got an email from a guy sending me his regards on the Mike and the MadDog split..this also means the end of the Marquis..

Who had a worse day yesterday MadDog Russo or Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick?
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some men, you just can't reach

I love the Jewish culture but I will never understand the public showing which is part of a bris.. I've gone to one of these things which I remember going something like this.

I remember sitting there in a suit staring at a stage, I remember hearing the Mohel chant something in Hebrew, then came the loudest scream I have ever heard, followed with some very uncomfortable silence and then I had a bagel with lox.

Mazel Tav I guess.

I went to Rutgers and knew a couple of Javelin throwers, none of them looked like Leryn Franco the javelin tosser from Paraguay

From what I can tell she is not a very good javelin-er but really....who cares

Just saw a bunch of 20 year old girls on 6th avenue handing out fliers. They were all wearing bikinis, there were easily 15 guys staring at them from all sides.. I don't remember what they were giving out.

Take on the Pope and Dope funeral

The Pope and the Dope are Done


Neil Best of Newsday just reported that WFAN has let go of Chris "Mad-Dog" Russo. . They also announced that Fatso signed a new contract, seems like Mike made a major power-play here and forced the Angry Puppy out. Russo will not make another appearance on WFAN again, unless of course he tries to call in as Chris from New Canaan.

My guess is that they'll leave Francesa alone for a while, maybe they move Benigno in as a co-host but I think he is done with dealing with guys he sees as below him, maybe it'll be more of an "all around" show where Mike talks sports, politics, movies etc.

Today is a sad day, although tomorrow at 1pm should be interesting.

the Metro reports that there are rats in the subways..and that water is wet

Did get a text today and got really excited because I thought that Obama had chosen "Terrell Owens" as his running-mate, turns out the text was from a guy in my fantasy football league looking for trade advice.

My gym put up a sign in the sauna which reads "any person who participates in inappropriate behavior in the men's room will have their gym membership revoked". Glad I was wearing slippers.

Do you think that Favre's arm or Chris Mortenson is more fatigued.

watching PTI last night, they were interviewing Chad Johnson who claimed that he can outswim Michael Phelps, although I'm not sure he should be allowed to be in the pool without the those floaties. This is the same guy who said he could outrun a horse, he is funny but he seems to be about 3 donuts short of a dozen.

How I miss the General Patton type memo's George Steinbrenner would send through the media about how the Yankees should make the playoffs every season.  Apparantly Hank didn't get that memo as he is already making excuses for a dissapointing season which still has a quarter of its games left.

For those of us who under the false illussion that we are not total nerds, I've been playing online and realize i'm just playing Dungeon's and Dragon's with worse graphics.

I'm not sure who should be more insulted by that picture of the Spanish basketball making the slanted eyes, the Chinese people or Alan Colmes?

With no Michael Phelps racing for a gold last night, I finally got a good night sleep.

Headline on today  "Why Scarlett Johansson kissed Penelope Cruz"..   Match Point might be more anticipated than the Dark Knight or at least Wild Things.

Is it just me or does John McCain look like he's hosting PTI in this picture?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camp Cupcake

I know this is a bit evil but I almost lost it when I saw the following:

Speaking of celebrities, I just Read that Velvet Revolver rumored to be considering Lenny Kravitz as their new front-man. In an interview Slash blamed the fallout with former frontman Scott Weiland on his "his increasingly erratic onstage behavior and personal problems..." Glad I took Weiland in the DeathPool.

Maybe she should have tried out for the USA Boxing team.. I think we all felt pretty bad for Alicia Sacramone when she fell off that balance beam but I feel worse for this guy

Not sure I'm that surprised, with that neck she could be the female Zack Thomas

(getty images)

If the actor who plays Godfather on Generation Kill can't make it, they can get Dave Campo to fill in and nobody would notice.

Novel suggestion from the Mrs. for the New York City MTA.. How about setting up some metro card vending machines on the platforms in addition to the ones on the outside. I think my reason why is pretty obvious, generally you only find out when you have used your last$2 on your metrocard after you have swiped your card and are through the turnstile. Wouldn't it make sense if you had an option to refill your card as you wait on the platform for the train.

Got a comment about my blog on the last great Rock Band

this was the comment

"Pro Pain rocks you sissy,

I gonna get ya and leave you for dead
I am gonna crush you with a blow to the head
your never forget me for the rest of your life
I'm gonna cut you like a switchblade knife
. "

I think I can rest my case

Anchoring the Olympics

Caught a good new blog today you should check out..

The only Olympic sports I can get into are the ones you don't ever see on TV.. That 4x100 relay was one of the best moments in all of sports.

Always find it funny that the last leg of a relay is called an anchor, especially in a swimming event. Seems like they could have used another word.

Watching the NBC telecast of the Women's gymnastic's yesterday, it became pretty apparant that Béla Károlyi (who does commentary for the peacock channel) has just become a Dick Vitale type hack. I thought he was going to pop an artery right on stage.

It always seems to me that if you have a clear blue sky that the stock market does well.. No idea why, I'll track it for you.

Has the Florida vs Georgia SEC matchup now been officially surpassed as the best rivalry by the Russia-Georgia rivalry?

David Axelrod is following the Karl Rove play book in one respect, he doesn't seem to care about his personal appearance what so ever.. With that Bela Karolyi mustache and that Jeff George haircut he could almost pass for Ron Jeremy.. I guess Axelrod can pretend he's got a big one and Rove's head just looks like a big one.

(reuters pictures)

Focus on the Family Action has pulled a video from its Web site that had asked people to "pray for rain" of biblical proportions in Denver on the day Obama is scheduled to make his acceptance speech at MileHigh stadium..

If it works I'll be screaming that Parcells didn't try this in the AFC championship in January '99.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First they close Gate this

It’s been a week of Favre news and I can finally absorb it.

First of all for anybody who thinks this was a bad move, with the QB’s the Jets had they weren’t going anywhere this year anyway, they don’t have a good young QB on the roster (you can talk to me about a young QB but that would have had to have happened 4 months ago at the draft). The Jets weren’t going to go anywhere this year with the combo of Pennington and The Kid with the Goatee they went 4-12 last year, with Pennington and the KWTG in ’08 you could hope for 6-10 or 7-9 this year. I love Chad but he couldn’t make the throws, he wasn’t making his team better and you better have a Ravens Defense from a few years ago if you want a QB to just manage the game

But more importantly, in this in city you need to win the battle of the back-pages, the Jets don’t just play 2nd fiddle to the Giants, they play 2nd fiddle to the Yankees, to the Mets, to Broadway, to the Hamptons, to everybody. And they were on the verge of pissing their fan base off more than they did with the closing of Gate D (last season the put an stop to the weekly Girls Gone Wild show at Giant Stadium where drunk Long Island slobs scream for Jersey shore chicks to show it all).

(photo by NY Times)

An important part of this is that the Jets are about to announce the PSL’s (Personal Seat Licenses, basically a one time fee for being a loyal customer which can range from $1000 to $20,000 per seat). Last week they were going to go to Jet fans and say “hey we haven’t won anything since 1969, the team hasn’t had a bonafide superstar since Joe Willie, the team you follow get treated like a bunch of 2nd class citizens by having to play at Giants Stadium which you heard about all the time from Giant fans who happily rub your nose in it. Oh yeah the team has had no stability for 30 years and if you live in NJ your tax money is helping build this stadium, don't worry if you live in Queens and Long Island you will had to deal with a 3 hour commute each way and now give us $1000 for that privilege.. oh yeah our team was 4-12 last year and all things point to the fact that we are going to suck again for the foreseeable future”

This is like ramming a wiffle ball bat up your *&% and then asking you to pay you for a new one.

Brett Favre keeps the fan-base from revolting.

Now the Jets have had a lot of press time (mostly positive) and now they have a face to the franchise, they can now sell these PSL’s to their loyal fans BUT more importantly to corporate clients and sponsorship. See Pedro Martinez as a NY Met right before they were trying to get city help for funding to get Citi Field built.

Tour de Force

I'm convinced that most people will be convinced it's John Edwards if Obama takes Evan Bayh as
his running mate.
Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

Is it Un-American to hope Team USA loses again?

I run 5 miles most mornings and am amazed with the amount of other people in the park at 6am but what has always irks me when is when I see a pack of Tour de France guys flying by. Why is biking the only sport where the participants feel obliged to wear the stupid uniform? I don't put on baseball pants or put on eye black if I'm going to play softball. I know about aerodynamics and drafting etc but this isn't even a race. I don't care if this saves you 3 seconds per mile, there is no reason a grown man should be covered in spandex. I'm convinced that this is just a thinly disguised meat-market.

Righetti Fashion Tip
Ever wonder why the old guys in the gym tuck their undershirts into their boxers?

It keeps the undershirt tight and flat which prevents you from looking like you are smuggling a cat in your puffed out button down shirt. Try it!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

When Pet Peeves become Pet Projects

Part 4 in a continuing series.. (the first part can be found here)

Pet Peeve #4a

The open-ended question.

"Hey what are you doing next Thursday?". Is there anything more gruesome? This is how a perfectly nice afternoon turns into one of dread. This is like getting invited to go camping at Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th cause you just know it's going to end badly.. If you want me to help you move or want to invite me to see the Duran Duran, give me all the details up front, I need to be able to make an informed decision (and time to come up with an excuse)

Pet Peeve #4b

The BCC invite

I can't take the credit for this one but it is dead on. Getting invited by a person to do something but having all the other invitees not visible is a recipe for a disaster for me. Before I commit to what could be absolute hell, I need to be able to canvas the landscape. This is especially irritating if it is held at somebody's house like If you get an invite to a birthday party or a pot-luck dinner. The pot luck should be the meatloaf not that weird Austrian friend of yours who I can't ever understand. I go into these things with a mission and I gotta be mentally prepped in case I get stuck talking with your coworker Darryl with the lazy eye and who always talks about old episodes of Wings because you once told him you thought it was an OK show.

Not sure if this is going to be important enough but PetPeeve #4B could easily be the fact that somebody knows when you've seen their Evite. It is the reason that I won't log into an Evite unless I know its something I wouldn't poke my eye out for. Send me a card so at least you won't know if I've opened it.

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Al Dole McKerry

Gotta love that picture of the contingent of US dignitaries including Bush watching Team USA play against China, Henry Kissinger was dead asleep, Bush 41 looks like he's on pain killers and Laura Bush is yawning away.

on another note, After what seems like 10 years of this national campaign, I can't even read a quote by McCain or Obama anymore without hearing their voices in my head anymore (with all those weird rhythms and pronunciations.)

Uou can just feel that this could be one of those bad weeks for McCain, while Obama is in Hawaii. I can see it now, one picture of Obama lounging on the beach sipping on Margaritas with a bunch of hot Hula girls, pan over to a shot of McCain in front of those green screens which makes his look so pasty.

Oh yeah, Tom Brokaw is really no Tim Russert, I didn't watch this week but last week's program with John Kerry and Joe Lieberman showed that Brokaw has no control at all over the direction of the conversation.

Looking at Kerry you wonder how close a guy like this came and how quickly he becomes just a sorry character.
look at the likes of guys who have a history of serving on a national stage like Bob Dole, John Kerry, Al Gore and even Michael Dukakis.. When one of these guys loses the election he seems to lose all his energy and personal motivation and but sadly also what seems like all his national relevance. Sometimes they go back to congress licking their wounds and otherwise just kind of disappear for a while.

It took Al Gore about 5 years out of the national spotlight and then only when he went to Hollywood which allowed him to be seen in a completely different light for him to be significant again.

By the way this has John McCain written all over it.

Two Americas

Things really haven't gone well for John Edwards, he gets scrutinized by the Media like he is a national figure yet he holds no office and then when he is forced to admit to an affair with a chick who's looks like a blonde Peggy Bundy. In hindsight maybe she's should have used some of that shush money for one of those $800 haircuts before being outed by the national media.
(getty images)

First of all, I love the fact that it was originally The National Enquirer who broke this story, say what you will but those guys know how to find dirt on people. In a way it is like whenever you read Page 6, you realize it's kinda crap but you also know there is at least some truth behind it.

why do these politicians insist on cheating on their wives with these ugly broads? He may have been talking about two America's but I think he might have meant the difference between his wife and this...

(getty images)

When you compare Derek Jeter to Bill Clinton's hit list you really wonder what is wrong with this world, a baseball player who looks like Lance Bass and gets Vida Guerra and a US President gets the likes of Paula Jones, Monica, Gennifer Flowers ugh.

Spitzer at least got himself a hot one, and really they all pay for it

Justin vs Jeter

Had an argument with a bunch of guys a few weeks ago about who got hotter chicks; Derek Jeter or Justin Timberlake.. This was done mainly after Maxim came out with their 100 hottest chicks list and Jeter was linked to 6 of them.

Jeter's list goes something like this:

Jessica Biel
Scarlett Johnanson
Jessica Alba
Vida Guerra
Mariah Carey
Vanessa Minnillo
Gabrielle Union
Lara Dutta
Adriana Lima
Jordana Brewster
Minka Kelly
Joy Enriquez

Justin Timberlake list

Britney Spears (Hit Me Baby One more Time version)
Cameron Diaz
Alyssa Milano
Jessica Biel
Janet Jackson
Jenna Dewan

more to come.

Now as of today it is not even close but this is far from over..

Now JT seems to have a list and he's checking it twice, while Jeter's foursome of Biel, Alba, Johanson and Adrianna Lima is Murder's Row.

JT will have the long term advantage as he's bound to have a longer career in the spotlight and as long as he doesn't do anything silly, like get married to one of these broads, he's got a long career ahead of him. Jeter's is 34 and still has a few years left but baseball players have shorter careers than Singers.

Frank Sinatra vs Joe Dimaggio might be interesting to look at.

The Week that was Brett Favre in sports

Great call on ESPN radio: Padraig Harrington is the 94-95 Houston Rockets of the PGA tour..

Sergio Garcia does what Sergio does best...choke


If I ever get a chance to be a play by play baseball announcer, my shtick would be the following.. As soon as the team I'm covering gives up the first hit I'd say. "There goes the no-hitter" regardless when it happens.. First inning, first batter. "Here is Joey Smith, single up the middle and there goes the no-hitter"

The USA 4x100 swim relay was awesome but when the team that finished 5th still would have broken the World Record you wonder if these new seal-suits are the equivalent of metal-bats in the Major Leagues.

In general I think we all prefer the types of Olympic sports you only get to see once every four years like Volleyball, Swimming, Sprinting even Badminton, feels so much more Olympic than watching Kobe and LeBron or Nadal and Federer.

I wish I still had my Glenn Foley jersey, a little scotch tape and a magic marker and I'd have a Favre jersey.

Favre running his punishment lap already has 14000 hits on YouTube, wait till the TakeOnRighetti crew starts hitting the link.

Saw that the Steelers' Charlie Batch went out with an injury and they immediately brought in Byron Leftwich and Daunte Culpepper, just feels like they are trying to fill a quota here..

I know they want to make it sound authentic but does the guy who reads copy for the ESPN Radio Deportes have to sound just like Bob from LaBamba?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

ARod and his Madonna addiction

my opinion is coming a bit late on this issue but what are the chances that with the heightend scrutiny in MLB on Steroid and HGH use, ARod was using Madonna as way to get his fix on? Maybe they can't tell if you wind up taking in the stuff if you are getting it by swapping human fluids, looking at some recent pictures of Madonna and it looks like she is showing the after effects

I have a Gas issue

I read last week that Americans drove 30 Billion less miles in the first 5 months of '08 as compared to '07.. Pretty big number but then I thought what does that really mean.. Wikipedia says that there are about 250 million cars registered in the US.. If that number is true then Americans drove 120 miles less per car in 5 months, that is not even 25 miles per month..

I would have guessed much higher than that when you hear these CNN reports about families not taking vacations because of the price of gas..

Even at $4 a gallon that probably only saves each family about $10 per month (let's assume 18-20 miles gallon and each family has two cars x $4 gas)..

Maybe I'm not doing the math right, dealing with all those zeros makes my hair hurt.

I did notice a lot of empty seats when I saw the highlights of some Nascar event on Sportscenter the other day..

I know that we can't drill ourselves out of this mess but If the Chinese negotiate with the Cubans to start drilling off their coast (which obviously is our coast also) then that argument is kinda moot.

It is great to see the T. Boone Pickens plan for wind power even if I'm not convinced his intentions are purely good. In fact I like the concept of renewable energy so much that last year I called ConEd last year and switched the energy I receive to wind-power.

To help regenerate it, I've been running a fan night and day.

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Observations from Coney Island

What a view.. 100,00 people who shouldn't be in bikinis squeezed together in the heat on the boardwalk at Coney Island

I read recently that relative to the rest of the country New York city had some of the healthiest people. It was some list of the most obese cities in the US, not a list you want to end up on top of.. NY was in the bottom 10 of US cities., apparently they did not take into consideration the daily coney island battle of gluttony which puts Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi to shame.. Between the Fried Clams, Fried Shrimp, Fried Oreos and Fried Fries I was surprised nobody has come up with the idea of just frying up lard and selling it for $8. By the looks of it, there is an audience

I saw some woman pass out while standing in line to stuff at Nathans, probably the healthiest thing she did was pass out before she stuffed her face.

You just know that we are doomed when you can get a hot dog from a vending machine only 30 yards from Nathans. A vending maching? you gotta be kidding me.

Is it true they changed the rules for the HotDog competition to ensure an American will always hold the 12 minute record?

Talking about rules, when did the rule in Volleyball change that you can now score a point regardless if you are the team serving??? I can't understand changing a rule which seemed to work perfectly well when I learned it in 7th grade gym.

Talking to a 7th grade history teacher over the weekend, reinforced my belief that we are raising a country of pansies.. She says that a ton of the parents call her for a second text book so that their wimpy kids don't have to lug a heavy book home.. She also gets tons of parents calling to say that their kid should get a do-over for some quiz because they had a migraine. This is what we are getting ready for, Shoot me, there is no crying in baseball and there are no do-overs in life
But in a DVR world, we have made it to easy for everything..

Just realizes that Janie's got a Gun came out in 1989.... I was 14.. My son will never get music like that in his lifetime

My buddy The Bump just sent me a text that NBC played the old NBA on NBC theme song before the USA vs China basketball game.. Class.. But who notices these things.

Also heard that Alice Cooper and Randy Johnson opened a hot-dog stand called Randy Cooperstown together with the signature dog is called Randy Johnson Big Unit

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Taking Out Anger, one day at a time

10 miles of running gives you a chance to think.. Sometimes about life, sometimes about love and sometimes about your pet peeves...

I've been slowly compiling them and they are ordered something like this

Pet Peeve#1.
Mass Text Messages on Holidays
this is when unlimitted text messages hurts society.
If you can't give me the time to write me a personal text message on Christmas then save the $0.05 and don't.. Have we become a society where I we haven't earned the honor of ANYTHING personal? Mass celebratory texts are the downfall of decency.

Pet Peeve #2
Littering Smokers..

Why is it that it is completely socially unacceptable for a person to throw a candy wrapper on the ground but in the same world some coughing dirtbag finds it perfectly OK to throw a used butt on the street? Am I missing something here? Why should somebody else have to clean up behind you? Who died and left you to disregard Al Gore? Were you born an arrogant a-hole or only play one on TV cause you have a nicotine addiction.

They do have ashtrays you know

Pet Peeve #3
People who don't let others off the subway car before they try to get on.

Why does the fact that you have an ass the size of a Honda Civic make you believe that there is any sense to this.. not only is it rude there is the issue of pure physics.. your oversized ass squeezing into a two doors while others are trying desperately to get off the same stinkin sardine can will only slow down the train and really THERE AREN'T ANY SEATS ANYWAY.

More to come I'm sure

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lets not forget where this started

My take on Today’s Headlines.

I'm not so sure I feel that bad for those K2 climbers and I sure wouldn't want a penny of public money spent to rescue them. You want to be Evil Knievel, then you have to accept the risks, if I want to scale the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge and plummet to my demise for me (and probably sucks for the afternoon rush hour too). My stupidity should not cost you a penny and if i were to survive, i hope they come to me for the cleanup costs.

Maybe I'm the only one but I wouldn't mind seeing Cindy McCain participate in that Buffalo Chip Biker show's beaver hunt.

Maybe we should add a fifth debate to the fall schedule.. Cindy McCain vs Michelle Obama in a wet t-shirt contest.. I got my money on Blondie.

Although she reminds me an awful lot like the chick from Seinfeld who only looked good in that one booth in the diner, she’s kind of two-faced, sometimes you think ‘that is one hot chick’ and the next time you think to yourself ‘she looks like she should be married to a 72 years old dude'

I can't stand sitting at a restaurant and having somebody double dip but this is ridiculous.
Iraq shows a $79 billion oil surplus but less than $4 billion spent for reconstruction from 2005-07.. Might be time to realize we are not just putting our children's financial future in trouble with the amount we borrow to pay for Jr. Bush's war but also that our $4 gasoline is lining their coffers.

Something tells me that this Anthrax killer has a lot more Revenge of the Nerds in him than Scott Ian. I love the theory that some sorority chick didn't put out 30 years ago and now he holds the country hostage..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm not sure I like Chinese Food..ALL THE TIME

not exactly sure why we do what we do but at $4 gas and a lap-dance in Montreal which because of inflation now costs $20, we might want to reconsider a few things

Let's stop talking and start doing.. Forget bailouts, handouts and groundouts, it's time to grab your sack and muster up the courage to stop acting like a bunch of self righteous pansies.. We are in a world of $120 a barrel oil but it's our addiction to a manufacturing center in China which is about to burst if they don't allow their currency to float.. It's gonna cost more to get your stuff from the other side of the earth..
What does that mean... It means that shitty blender you are buying for $19.99 ain't gonna cost you that anymore.. So either stock up on household appliances or learn to speak Chinese cause this ride is gonna be bumpy.. And it will force the American workforce to prove its resiliency and start doing what it does...produce a high quality item.

I like to save a buck as much as the next guy but I do realize something about Chinese made consumer goods.. As a manufacturing center they have gotten better, but its to the point where they are generally just good enough to last just long enough for you to feel like you can justify the cost..
You buy a crappy walkman and after 2 months one of the earpieces stop working, well you think "I spent $14.99 so I got out of it what I could expect"
That's only cause we have lowered our expectations so much that if it withstands the beating of 2 months of use we feel like we got a deal.. Now the AM reception sucks, and the earbuds are taped together and the lead paint is peeling but you justify it cause it didn't even cost $15.

But in general it is just "good enough" and we have started consuming so much of these cheap Chinese products that we can't imagine living without it. If you took an inventory of all the made-in-china items in your house and stored it all in your living room you'd be watching TV in your garage.. oh wait you wouldn't you'd be sitting in your garage staring at your garage.

We're addicted to this stuff and when it becomes more expensive it's gonna suck and it's gonna suck hard.

It's a three part issue

1) The manufactures out in China don't want to be a low-cost manufacturing center, they want to start enjoying life and reaping some of the rewards of their hard work.. but i guess we can always find a place where NIKE can make our sneakers or WalMart can make well everything they sell.

2) The RMB will start to move which means that it's gonna cost more more to make goods in China.. but again the Chinese government knows that keeping the RMB artificially low will keep the country as a major exporter of goods (low-end and high-end

3) But the bigger issue is maybe not the fact that the worker wants to make more because the Chinese Government can control that.. The bigger problem is that now it's gonna cost more to get it over here because of fuel costs..

I know we are addicted to Foreign Oil but let me tell you, we are just as addicted to cheap foreign goods and when the RMB starts to float and it's gonna cost us $30 for a shitty walkman it's gonna be very hard to justify it when Radio Disney bleeds into WFAN after only 2 months

Time to move onto something better...