Tuesday, February 2, 2016

take on the coin-flip

We will have some further analysis on the caucus system later but this was too good (or bad) to pass up.

Last night a couple hundred thousand Iowans went to some local gym to pledge their undying support for their candidate and then most of them were told that there candidate sucked (O'Malley, Kasich, Big Mike Huck, Santorum etc.) and were told to pledge their undying support for another one..  Campaigns spent hundreds of millions of dollars, news stations spent thousands of hours, I spent dozens of blog posts and at the end of the day.. it came down to a coin flip

Hillary Clinton won five precincts yesterday by calling heads.. somehow in 2016 we don't worry about hanging chads but we do worry about a coin toss..  Even the NFL knows this is an idiotic system for deciding a winner but the ultimate football game is still decided this way??? you gotta be kidding me

there were cases where there were 7 delegates at stake and the two were tied, so they were each awarded 3 and then they flipped a coin for the last one.. this is what we've come down to.. a 50/50 shot with a two-headed hillary coin

we are so screwed

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