Sunday, February 28, 2016

Take on the car seat

Nothing is scarier than getting into the backseat of a minivan to see the vile conditions they have left us with. Juice boxes, yogurts, half eaten vita-gummies, toys, books, peanuts, popcorn and god knows what else lives back there which is a reason I refuse to go back there unless absolutely necessary. Well today I went one better, I actually went back there and took a couple of the car seats out to find they were all sitting upon a good three inches of grime. Then not feeling like that was enough, I took apart one of the car seats and I think I may have found the Loch Ness monster living in it. The old car seats were pretty simple but now they got padding and cushion and cushion on padding and layers and although I guess it keeps a kid safe, it always creates a billion little spots for crackers and cheese sticks and squeeze packs to hide out, just taking this thing apart today was eye opening. I spent one hour trying to clean it, removing all the cushion stuff and hosing the thing down with a power washer and then disinfecting it with three bottles of bleach.

Next time I will just buy a new minivan

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