Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Take on Palin...II

Somehow Sarah Palin has managed to wedge herself right back into the presidential race with an endorsement of one Donald J Trump and I am now convinced we should all move to Mexico.
How the hell are we living in a time where Trump is leading the GOP polls and could legitimately beat Hillary, Bernie or the other guy in a national race in less than 10 months and how the hell does an endorsement from Sarah Palin help his cause?!!   I am convinced that we are playing a gigantic game of chicken with ourselves and if we aren't careful we are going to end up with a Trump-Palin White House combination which is absolutely frightening.   Then again this is a country who has elected Al Franken, Jesse Ventura and Arnold to major offices and our most revered president of the last 50 years was Ronnie Reagan, so who knows maybe this is the bed we're made to lie in. 

The only good thing is that SNL will be absolutely fantastic...Tina Fey and Larry David better get ready to get ready 

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