Saturday, January 16, 2016

Take on the horrible suit

When the Giants let Tom Coughlin walk last week, everybody wondered if the organization knew what they were doing. Coughlin had won two Superbowls with the team and was well respected around the league, he is also a dinosaur and the thought was that maybe they needed to go in a younger direction. In this day and age maybe the Giants felt they needed to find somebody who can connect with the players, somebody more in tune a guy who probably doesn't know how to send a text. Fast forward to the press conference and the Giants marched out offensive coordinator Bob McAdoo and every thought of hip and new disappeared into the wind.
McAdoo was dressed like he was wearing his dad's suit, a look I'm all too familiar with. I have no idea if he will make it as an NFL head coach but as the head coach of a team in the biggest media market who wil be the face of that franchise.. this was not a great first sign...the guy is about as metropolitan as The Olive Garden. He has a terrible goatee, no fashion sense and a haircut like he just walked out of Supercuts..I would not be surprised if he had one of those cellphone holsters on his belt.

Maybe Giant fans will find solace in the thought that all maybe all he cares about is football, or the entire idea is now as frightening as bringing back Ray Handley

The again maybe the fanbase is happy that they finally got a coach who has the same fashion sense as most of them.

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