Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Take on North Korea

Their average citizen is malnourished, their height is stunted, their haircuts are horrible while their government spends exorbitant amounts on a military. All the while their dear leader looks like one of those big head cartoons but somehow they have now potentially detonated an H-bomb. I get that this has been a long goal of the Kim-young dynasty but when they start making earthquakes with fussion, it might be time to do something about it. I am not talking about putting a computer bug in their centrifuges, a John Kerry (or Dennis Roffman) meeting or more sanctions, I am talking about the one thing that can possibly have an effect.and shockingly I agree with Trump. It is time to force big brother China take on a roll in it. The Chinese have too long protected this regime and allowed it to play by its own rules while continuing to give it a lifeline and it might be time to start getting just a bit serious

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