Monday, January 18, 2016

Take on the Great Wolf Lodge crowd

Great Wolf Lodge is a fun place to take a bunch of kids but most Pennsylvania parks, the rides aren't the scariest attractions, the entire state is one gigantic badly placed tattoo upon one gigantic badly shaped body. Maybe it is that when your entire being revolves around "living off route 80" that you just give up but I always found it funny when Obama said that people cling to their religion and guns around these parts, it seems they cling to their tattoo artists just as much and those guys all seem to have gotten their fine art experience doodling during break at McDonalds on the back of their GED degrees.
Why somebody would permanently ink their body is already something I'd probably never do but to do out and have some guy out a gigantic eagle smoking a pack of camels while humping a cartoon prostitute can't ever seem like it was a good idea, especially when the guy who did it to you was probably so far gone on $10 heroin, it's no surprise that the eagle looks like Ted Cruz, the camel looks like a donkey and the prostitute looks like Oprah but hey, at least it is discreet.

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