Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Take on the USPS

There really is nothing more frustrating than spending a morning at the US Post office looking for a shipment. Last week a package we were waiting for was not delivered like we would have expected but the problem was that USPS showed it as having been delivered.

We call up and they tell us it was delivered incorrectly and that they would pick it up and redeliver it. The problem is that the tracking number continues to say delivered, so for three days there is nothing new that it shows online

Fast forward a couple of days and hours on the phone and still no package. Eventually we are told to head to the Times Square post office to pick up the package, i head over this morning and am told that it isn't there. What is more frustrating is that she tells me that even before they look at my tracking number and am told I have to file a claim. I tell them that i was told here to come and get my package and they say that there are only residential deliveries there. I tell them that the USPS told me to come to that location specifically, and they ask who I spoke with. I tell them that it was their customer service and he says that those guys don't know. I ask him what I should do and I immediately feel he gets annoyed with me for asking. I have gone through every one of their steps and cannot get an answer and am told that why they tell me isn't valid as I didn't speak with that specific facility. I tell them that there is no phone number for that facility which he acknowledges is unfortunate but leaves it at that. I ask what they will do and he says "nothing". No apology, no solution, nothing

So I spend hours on the phone, 45 minutes in person and my blood pressure is through the roof for what??

This is why I use UPS or FedEx because there is some accountability in private business and probes again that any government agency cannot operate efficiently

Instead of feeding this horrible beast with bailouts and assistance they should starve it and kill the entire postal service. God forbid I didn't get all this junk mail

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Baby Stu said...

What was the package? Another one of your grab bags of random junk?