Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Take on those Oregonian ranchers

We were happy to see that Ammon Bundy and his brother Al got busted last night for being general weasels along with a bunch of their hillbilly cohorts.  What was entertaining was the mug shots which looked like some incestial Brady Bunch meets alternative Big Love thing.  What I couldn't quite figure out though was why there were these little sun icons on the bottom right hand corner of all their photos were, is this some kind of militia ranking like being a four star general??
But we decided to rank them in terms of crazy

8- 2nd Row, 2nd from the left.  
Maybe he is fooling me but that dude looks like the most normal Brady although you know what they say about guys with beards. 

7- 1st Row, 1st from the left. 
This might be Bundy but he looks like he could pump my gas and I wouldn't freak the f out

6- 1st row, 2nd from the left.  
Yeah the weird crooked smile is wacky but he looks a bit like that hick Simpson character, which means he can't be all bad 

5- 2nd Row, 4th from left 
He looks like Ron Jeremy meets Peppa Pig so at least he probably keeps the cow satisfied sitting in Hollywood Square seat 

4- 1st row 4th from the left
This chick didn't need all those free used dildos they kept sending over to that outpost with these studs around

3- 2nd row, 1st from the left 
This is some kind of Vern Schillinger kind of psycho but still better than

2-1st row, 3rd from the left 
This dude looks like he would rip your head off and then shove it up your five hole and then go in their mouth first to retrieve it but he is still not as scary as

1- 2nd row, 3rd from the left
There is a reason the Times did not give him a sun ribbon. This dude gives Row 1, 3rd from left nightmares and keeps 2nd row 4th from the left from getting it up. 

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