Monday, January 4, 2016

Take on the text and walk lane

NYC needs to incorporate some idea that a university put up, three lanes for people to transport themselves in. A running lane for when you are late, a walking lane when you are on time and a texting lane when you are being a moron. It is not that texting and walking should be discouraged, it should just be mocked when done by people who can't do if efficiently but when done by a master, it should be admired. I am one of the true masters of this art, having crafted my skill over many hours of intense practice in airports, malls and the busiest parts of NYC without any issue and I credit my incredible ability to process information while walking like I am Peyton Manning staring into a disguised cover-2. I can see where people will move before they do, can feel their presence like I am a Jedi and can navigate around them like I have four independent steering tires, so walking while texting for most people would be impossible, for me it just brings it closer to leveling the playing field.

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