Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Take on the new Twitter

Rumor has it that Twitter is about to abandon it's 140 character limit and allow @AdamSchefter to report that some offensive tackle sprained his left but using the full verbiage of 10,000 characters which will likely ruin it instantly. This takes the beauty of Twitter (it's simplicity and conciseness) and basically turns it into a blog which nobody has any interest in. Twitter serves a purpose and it is an important one, one that works in this day and age in short quick bits.
I have no interest in reading long-form @realdonaldtrump discuss politics, paid by the word @buster_espn discuss some random middle reliever trade, macro letters from @ninjaeconomics discussing income inequality in zoo keepers or self promotion from @joshgondleman describing a world where wolves are preferred to people in anything but 140 character spurts. I like the easy to read, ready bits of relevant news information in the same amount of time it takes me to wipe my nose. If I'm interested in more (and I often am) I can click on an easy to click link for the full article

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