Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Take on the Trump debate bow out

Even when he doesn't do something, he'll command the biggest headlines.   Today Donald Trump announced that he is going to skip the next debate because he doesn't appreciate the fact that Megyn Kelly isn't nice to him.  Our dislike to Kelly is not on her ethics or journalism credibility but because she threw some random "y" in her name which always annoys us, but this will be everybody's loss.  It will be Trump's loss for losing out on a chance to speak right before Iowa, a state which we predict he will lose, it will be FoxNews' loss because the ratings will suck, it will be the other candidates loss because they need trump to pull viewers, I guess it could be Cruz's gain which is by definition our collective loss so that's not good.  Jeb might be able to sneak his head out of the locker for a second which I guess is good for him but really who cares at this point 
But the real reason he dropped out of this is because it will give him a built in excuse for why he lost Iowa next week, the LameStream media will be to blame 

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