Sunday, January 24, 2016

Take on the weird exit door at JFK

It used to always be getting into the airport which was the major difficulty, between the long lines, security check, shoes off and everything else, just getting into the terminal was a nightmare but now it is all changed.
I was leaving JFK on Friday after a cross country flight and as I went down the escalator I saw daylight, it was right there calling my name in all its 23 degree glory but I could not reach it. I was stuck on a line of fifty people trying to exit the terminal through some Jetsons type contraption because instead of just walking out, we were all forced to exit through this two door pod. I am not sure how to describe it but imagine a fully enclosed pod with back doors and separate front doors. The concept is that one side of the pod would open and five people would cram inside and after the back doors closed, the front ones would open releasing the sorry sardines. I have no idea what the reason behind this kind of half assed revolving door idea was other than just another reason to hate air travel.

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