Sunday, June 11, 2017

Take on the web of lies

What Trump doesn't realize is that he is really in a heap load of trouble. It's like the kid who keeps trying to change the subject when he gets caught with his dinky in the cookie jar but luckily for everybody Mueller isn't some pushover parent. Trump's new thing is to try to dismiss his campaign's ties to Russia and his own lies by dumping it all on Comey. It's hard to know whether Trump realizes how wrong he is but right now it will come down to one thing, his inability to ever tell the truth.
It's not as if this wasn't apparent to anybody watching and paying attention, it's that half this country just didn't care. They were had, hoodwinked and conned into the worst president we've ever seen and the rest of us are stuck with the consequences. I know his core support will never erode below 25% or something which is where Nixon was at the height of the impeachment but at least Nixon was our crook, with Trump you never know which side he's on

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