Monday, June 26, 2017

Take on the Trump tell.

Claude Taylor said it better than I could, even if I've tried my best to say so for months. Trump has a tell and it's a really obvious one. Basically when Trump has done something wrong, he accuses others of that same exact thing. People are liars, crooks, cheats or plain corrupt which are all just ways to describe Trump. And the biggest tell yet isn't about being crooked or about lying, it is about a hacked election. For months he accused Hillary of that exact thing, countless Mexicans racing over the border to cast illegal votes, a theory which has proven to have a much merit as the Ted Cruz-JFK thing. But this s where it gets interesting, nobody has proven anything and no legit media outlet is even alleging it, the only one pointing in a hacked election direction is one Donald J Trump. Who knows if it is true but it would certainly help explain all those wrong polls.

Now how about that Little Marco comment??

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What an interesting piece! I have been wondering that there are so many things circulating about Trump on the media. Thank you so for sharing it.