Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Take on the most nonsensically tweet ever

Our president needs help.

This sentence can be taken so many ways but all of them seem to be true and nothing made that more apparent than the tweet about the AmazonWashingtonPost today. I'm not quite sure what his sources for the accusations that they don't pay "internet taxes" is but I'm sure Trump will get those out as soon as he's done with the inauguration recount, the 3 million fake votes and the Ted Cruz dad on the grassy knoll thing

Maybe he thinks that you should pay taxes per character you post online, which is why he seemingly combined two completely nonsensical thoughts into one even more nonsensical one.

But this is Trump, he sends up a flare and everybody immediately goes on a wild goose chase. Then when they figure out he's full of crap they confront him and he says that it wasn't what he said

It's masterful and we're all sheep

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