Monday, June 19, 2017

Take on Panama

Despite his own assertions, our president is not very bright, this has been established over and over again. He has repeatedly shown no interest in a deep dig -or even a shallow one- asking his briefings to be dumbed down to only a few words in bullet point format with the important parts bolded.
 So it is no surprise when he embarrassed himself  again today. He welcomed the president of Panama and after his typical "we have a lot of important things we will be discussing that are very important to both of us" line he went with a typical Trumpism.
 He said "the Panama Canal is doing quite well" which you just know is the only thing he knows about their entire country despite having gotten a briefing right before meeting him, a briefing he promptly ignored

The guy couldn't find Panama in a collection of shitty 80's songs, there is no way he'd find it on a map. But this is Trump, he has no intellectual curiosity, no emotional awareness and no interest in anything that doesn't have a Trump logo on it.
I bet he can tell you the exact location of those windmills that they tried to overlooking his golf course in Scotland but wouldn't be able to tell you the name of President of Mexico

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