Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Take on the Sessions testimony

Lost in all the news yesterday was the absolutely horrifying display of incompetence by our attorney general. It's not just the fact that nobody believes that he's innocent, it's the fact that he basically admitted that he has memory loss and can't handle a bit of pressure. I saw reports that he used a variation of "I don't recall" more than 30 times, for somebody who is in charge of our law enforcement, this is troubling. Then, when pressed by Kamala Harris, he went with the "when you ask me a lot of questions, I get nervous". That's what you need out of a guy in charge of interrogations, police work and other high stress situations, a guy who gets nervous when asked a few questions. Questions he must have prepared for.

Maybe instead of handling law enforcement and overseeing the FBI, he should be sitting on a rocking chair at some retirement home in Alabama, he's obviously not able to do his job.

So we thank you for your service, Mr. Sessions, don't let the warrant for your arrest for obstructions hit you on the ass on your way out

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