Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Take on Eric Trump's charity.

You wonder if things really can get worse and every.single.day they do. Today's Trump news of the day involved his son Eric's charity for kids with cancer which hosts an annual golf outing at, you guessed it, at Trump golf course. It's not the Trump golf course that is the trouble in itself, it is that Trump Golf charges Trump Charity $1.2million for whatever they provide in service. This number doesn't just sound obscene to me, it sounds obscene to other people running golf charity events.

It reminds you of when the Trump hotels and restaurants would charge the Trump campaign for hosting campaign stops except in that case the only people losing out were the morons who contributed to his campaign. But this is worse

Just think, how many kids stricken with the worst kind of disease can get help with care, housing, treatment, deductible help or a teddy bear with that kind of money? But no, Trump golf courses charge a premium to a charity bearing the Trump name.

These people all suck

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