Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Take on the latest Quinnipiac poll

The latest polling came out from Quinnipiac which showed that Trumps approval rating is now around 34% which is ludicrously low for a president in his honeymoon period not named Gerard Ford.
But what was more surprising was not the fact that 34% still see him favorably and only 57% see him unfavorably. What is shocking is the 9% who said they didn't have enough information to make a decision. Come on people, it's been 137 days after a year long campaign for a guy whose been in the media spotlight for decades.

We can all agree he is woefully unqualified, temperamental and physically repulsive, even if 35% of us like that about him. So, I sort of get the people who are still all in, mainly because I'm aware that a similar percentage of Americans park their trucks on their lawn and drink warm Bud Lites and smoke Marlboros in their above ground pools.

But who is this 9% who doesn't have an opinion at this point?? If there was ever a polarizing figure, it's Donald.
That's like having no opinion about whether you like pizza. Or more accurately, having no opinion about whether you like to be kicked in the nuts.

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