Thursday, June 29, 2017

Take on Trump's bloody blond obsession

Trump is obsessed with blond chicks on TV. Two days ago he had the creepy interaction with the reporter from Ireland, nobody can forget his "blood coming from out of everywhere" comment about Megyn Kelly and now he is going after "low IQ Mika" and her bloody facelift. The guy is obsesses with bloodying up women, both figuratively and maybe even literally
This isn't some contestant on celebrity apprentice, this ain't some guy who goes on Howard Stern to complain about his own private Vietnam, this is the president of our country. This is the person whose face you see when you walk through JFK, this is the guy who every.single.person I've met over the last three international trips asks me about. They are mystified how we elected this clown and I don't have an answer. He is the epitome of classless, he brings nothing to the table in terms of substance and he likely has had a Russian winkie in his mouth.
I wonder if he ever asks Melanie to put on a blond wig when she's got her visitor, that seems like the ultimate Trump turn-on

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