Sunday, June 25, 2017

Take on the obsession

Did our president complain that Obama used his term "mean"?   He has to be the most self centered,egomaniacal narcissist we have ever had hold the office and that is saying something.   But his obsession with himself is only matched with his obsession with Obama, Barack is totally in his head at this point.  

This is class A trolling and the funny thing is that Obama isn't even trying.  You just know that Trump wakes up at night in an angry sweat, so angry that Obama has a prettier smile, nicer clothes and a better ###.   He just can't do anything other than focus on Obama, it's so pathetic.  He tries with the Crooked Hillary stuff but it just doesn't give him the fix, he's like the little kid who is trying to get the attention of the older neighbor, to the point he'll eventually run the car off the road to try to get his attention


sadly the car is our country 

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