Monday, June 12, 2017

Take on Trump's twitter blocking

For a guy who constantly mocks others (Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted, Lowe energy Jeb!, Little Marco etc) our president sure has thin skin. He often touts his gigantic twitter followers, even if it has been revealed that nearly half of them are cyborgs with the mission to spread FakeNews. But what is sad! is that Trump has been blocking users who are engaging him in conversation. To be fair, these people aren't looking to engage him in normal dialogue but mostly mock him for any number of his inadequacies. But the question is now asked, whether Trump, as president, can block citizens from his account or if that is an infringement on their freedom of speech.
But what it really tells you is that Trump is reading the comments, how else would he know what the commentary is. I've clicked on commentary on Paris Hilton or Obama in the past and it's mostly vile stuff about shoving cucumbers up their five holes but I doubt either takes much notice. Trump seems to be he opposite and our president is spending time
reading the commentary to his stupid posts
Great job Mr. President, you are more sensitive to criticism than Paris Hilton.

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