Thursday, June 15, 2017

Take on Trump Island

Trump told a mayor of a small island off Virginia that he didn't think he had to worry about the island sinking because, well I guess, Trump knows more about science than the scientists. 
This is typical Trump,  bloviating about things he knows nothing about and people believing that he knows something

Maybe we can trade Trump the next 3.5 years of his presidency for that island.  He can live there forever, like a Gilligans island scenario

Trump =Gilligan

Bannon = the skipper constantly hitting Trump with his hat

Pence and Mrs Pence  can be the millionaire and his wife

Kushner can be the professor everybody expecting him to figure out a way off the island but him never getting there 

Ivanka can be Ginger

and Huckabee's dumpy daughter can be Maryanne



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