Friday, June 16, 2017

Take on the Pence hostage negotiation

Somebody call the hostage negotiators in Washington DC, it seems Mike Pence is being held against his will like that college kid in North Korea. Mike Pence is no saint, quite honestly he is probably a liberal's worst nightmare but I'd think that he is at minimum a patriot. At least until he met Trump, the big orange elephant is like the opposite of King Midas, turning everything he touches to crap.
I'm not sure how far this Russian hacking, obstruction, money laundering, hooker peeing thing really goes but I'm sure it will implicate Donald, Little Donald, Eric, Page, Flynn, Manafort and Kushner. Sessions will, at minimum, be found to have obstructed, Spicer will be incriminated somehow but may walk although it wouldn't be surprising if he had to go door to door to announce he moved into the neighborhood. The question is Pence... as the head of the transition, he must have known Flynn was being investigated when Flynn disclosed this even if Pence claims he didn't know until it came out a month into the presidency. I'd think he has kept himself out of the fray but the stench of trump seems to be one he can't get off, like getting sprayed by a big orange skunk

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