Monday, June 5, 2017

Take on the Trump bus

We're four months into this fun Trump experiment and so far, I can't say that it's going real well. Our country loses standing in the eyes of the world every time he opens his mouth, his entire staff seems to be on the take with rubles and he himself is getting fatter by the day. The stories of him getting two scoops of ice cream didn't surprise me mainly because he looks like a Macy's thanksgiving parade balloon st this point. He's got no shape to him at all, just looks like if he'd go shirtless he would look like one pasty hairless tub of goo. No wonder Melanie is disgusted by the mere sight of him. You just know that she was counting the days to get back from the first international trip and back to her apartment in New York, while he chubby husband went back to D.C.

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