Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Take on the Rubio hug

Marco Rubio is just a creepy dude. Between those weird transistor size ears, him always lunging for bottles of water, constant sweat pouring down his face and that robotic tone, he just seems like the kind of guy women would avoid.

Enter Ivanka Trump who had less than no interest in hugging Rubio, maybe it was because she disagrees with him on an issue, maybe it's because she wants to defend her daddy or maybe it because she doesn't like to interact with the help but Rubio went in with the weird hug and Ivanka stood there like one of those statues on Rapa Nui. They tried to play if off later, but anybody with two sets of eyes could see that she didn't want his sweaty forehead all over her Versace dress, and really, who can blame her

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