Saturday, June 10, 2017

Take on the temper tantrum in chief

I thought that, at minimum, our president was supposedly charming. Behind the rough facade, there was a deal maker, a guy who could charm men and women alike with his charisma and intellect. Instead we are stuck with a president with the intellectual curiosity of a plant, the ethics of a five card monty dealer and the charm of a rug burn.
The first international trip our president took was described by many as a disaster but that was the just from the outside looking in, but now we're starting to get the first word in the inside portion and it doesn't paint a rosy picture, either. Trump is a perpetual child, temper tantruming his way through any perceived slight and he's only getting worse as he gets more cranky.
It's getting closer and closer to having a kindergarten kid at the helm of the worlds biggest economy and lethally equipped army. This sounds like a recipe for disaster but at least he has the smartest and brightest working for him.

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