Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Take on Trump'e golf game

When photos leaked of Donald Trump watching golf at his golf resort over the weekend the mainstream media went nuts. Maybe it was because he claimed to be having meetings, maybe it was because the culprit was not some investigative reporter from the failing NY Times but an 11 year old kid, maybe it was the in-your-face irony of Trump having knocked Obama for all the times he hit the links or maybe it was the fact that in privacy he still wears that stupid red hat but people were up in arms. I don't care abut golf and hope he plays it every..single...day because like a mental patient, you have to keep him entertained otherwise he may take a dump in your laundry basket.
What I'm less happy about is that he does all his golfing, entertaining and dining at Trump courses and resorts, obviously there is a conflict of interest issues where the tax payers are footing the bill for Big Don to wine and dine at his own restaurants and hotels but my bigger issue is that this loser can't even admit it. If you want to watch golf with your rich white guy buddies, go nuts. You want to hit the links with those same rich old white dudes, enjoy. Just admit you are doing exactly what you knocked Obama on and for God sake, take off that hat when you are inside

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Almost half of America supported this guy.

That means that on any given day, half the people you run into are genuinely stupider than shit.

That quotient increases geometrically when you are attending a NASCAR event or SEC football game.