Sunday, March 19, 2017

Take on the checked luggage

I work up this Saturday morning at 4am Tokyo time, which is 3PM New York time on Friday.  I can never sleep well the day before a flight, an affliction which really sucks if you fly 50 legs per year. 
 I went to the gym, packed my bags, had breakfast and by 9am I was off to the airport.   It is now past midnight in New York,  28 hours since I left my hotel after a long connection in Shanghai (don't ask) and in still waiting for my bags to come through.   I never check a bag, mainly because I'd prefer to schlep it through an airport than deal with the endless waiting at the end of a long flight.  But when I was gifted a couple of bottles of Saki, I didn't have much of a choice and did the one thing I promised myself I'd never do again, especially when there is an international connection involved.    We deplaned an hour ago and I have already been standing here for 50 minutes painfully watching the same twenty suitcases go around this conveyer belt but mine is nowhere to be found.  All for a bottle of saki that I didn't want and will sit in my cabinet for years, until one day I take it out and bring it to somebody's house as a housewarming gift at which point it will sit in their cabinet for years. 

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I almost immediately re-gift any bottle of wine I ever get as a present.

You should do the same for your liquor bottles.