Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Take on Asian carp

So as part of Trump's hacksaw to the EPA is some regulation where they will cut funding for the destruction of something called Asian Carp   Apparently these Asian carp were released in Lake Michigan and completely ruined the ecosystem and now all the other fish are dying.  Personally I see this as another opportunity for Trump to shine, he just has to take the right side of the argument and we know he is willing to take any position as long as it will make him rich 

Another example of outsourcing to the Chinese.  We should tax every Asian carp that makes it into Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Heron, Lake Erie and that other one, too


make the Great Lakes Great Again

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Mr. R. Lee said...

The Western media always blames The Other for everything.

Islamic extremists, Mexican immigrants, North Korean dictators, OJ Simpson, the Hong Kong flu, and now, Asian carp.