Friday, March 10, 2017

Take on Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn has to be one the slimiest humans alive. After spending a good potion of the Donald Trump campaign calling for Hillary to be locked up and accusing her of pay-for-play, he's spent the first two months of the new administration getting pushed out of his job for not disclosing information pertaining to secret meetings he had with the Russians and now has retroactively registered for a $500,000 lobbying job for a foreign agent. The only thing more nuts than having had him in a position of national intelligence was allowing him to try to jimmy his bonehead, conspiracy theory spouting son into the pot, too. Michael Flynn should have his citizenship stripped away, dressed up like that Bear from The Jungle Book and forced to like as a concubine for some three thousand pound gorilla.

But remember, Hillary was the most corrupt candidate ever.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I keep thinking of former Notre Dame WR and current NFL WR Michael Floyd whenever I see headlines containing Michael Flynn's name.

In addition to the name spelling similarities, maybe it is all the DUIs and arrests associated with Michael Floyd that connect the corrupt and honesty-challenged Michael Flynn to our drunken (and now Super Bowl champion) wide receiver.