Saturday, March 18, 2017

Take on Rex Tillerson's Asian vacation

Sexy Rex Tillerson had to cut short an event with his Korean counterparts because of fatigue..   We feel for Rex, knowing first hand how grueling Asian trips are, between the time changes, the long flight, the rice wines, the crappy food, you get really tired.   Everybody is going to call him Low Energy and weak but we won't pile on, having just spent a similar trip in three Asian cities in a week, sometimes you just need a little break from all the Lost in Translation moments. 

Rex just doesn't seem like the kind of Secretary who is able to take on that much, he doesn't come across as a guy who can take on that much pressure, which is fine if you are a gas station attendant but maybe not ideal if you represent the United States on the world stage.  

Then again maybe he just wasn't in the mood for another Korean barbecue, those things are delicious but when it's the fifth time you're having it in three days, you might need a break and you certainly don't want another one of your suits to smell like you rolled around on the floor of a butcher shop.    It could also be that his Korean counterparts were doing some heavy drinking the night before and Rex needed a night off, we know how hard those can be.  

Listen, Rex is no Hillary Clinton (or John Kerry, or Colin Powell or Madeleine Albright or Condi or whoever)  I think Rex is probably more comfortable at home, playing Risk with his grandkids, and we shouldn't fault him for that.  his job is really not that important to the future of the free world.  

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I remember when George Bush Sr. puked in public in Japan at a dinner with Japanese dignitaries.

These old white guys are a bunch of pussies when it comes to Asian food and traveling. Mama's boys.

Suck it up, old man. I had to eat Korean food every freaking day while growing up. If I could do it at age 4, 9, and 15, you can do it as a 65 year old or whatever your age is, Tillerson.